Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good stuff this week

A few of the blogs I follow have a weekly thing where they send out links to good stuff that they have read. I read some pretty awesome stuff this week, so I thought I would start doing that. - This is in the vein of Serious Wednesday over on Stuff Christians Like. Pretty amazing insights on what happens when we judge, which is important for me to remember. - This guy has some amazing thoughts about the theology part of Christianity. As per usual, he is spot on with this one. The idea of original sin makes us uncomfortable, so what do we do about it? See what he says. - I have read Harry Potter and loved them. However, I didn't realize all the good Christian parallels in there. Whether you have or have not read Harry Potter, this is a fabulous article. - I even wrote a post in response to this one. I'm working hard on making little steps to create a big change and it all started here. - This is a new blog I discovered and I loved what I have read. This guy is really super honest about where he is and what he struggles through. Go here, read it all, and start to follow him. - So this week when I have started and put down at least 3 different books AND sorted through about 20 more that I didn't want to read, this post was inspiring. I'm going to go to my library's website and search for this book now. You should go read all about it.

Happy reading!

P.S. Does anyone know what blog etiquette says about me linking to their stuff. Should I let them know that I'm linking it or not?

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