Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good stuff on a Saturday

The list is a bit short this week as I am on vacation and haven't read as much. However, here is some good stuff.

Journey to the Field: Brazil Bound - Richard and Ashley are an AMAZING couple and they always have wonderful things to say. This is just a reminder of just who we are called to be.

anna smith - A missionary to Taiwan has an incredible story to tell about a little girl she met in a coffee shop who taught her about God. Read this story and you will learn something too.

The Wiegand's This week Casey shared some beautiful thoughts on the scars we carry and how they change us.

I Hope... This week Judy shares some moving thoughts about being hungry and where God fits into that. This just might change your thoughts on food and much more.

Educating Mama Loma Kath talks a little bit about disturbing trends in the blogging community and how this reflects on us. How can we change this and how can we change us? Read this and consider adopting it into your life.

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