Saturday, July 9, 2011

Genesis: I might be getting it?

If you read my last post, you know Genesis has me a little confused. So after reading a little more of Genesis, I think I'm starting to get it, a little. I had a few revalations.

1. God is using imperfect people. Yes I realize this should be obvious, but I didn't really grasp it until I was reading some about Joseph. They are going to make mistakes, but God uses the anyway. He even uses those mistakes for his glory. However, there are also consequences to their actions. Like slavery in Egypt because they moved there when Joseph was in power and in good graces with the Pharaoh. When Joseph was alive, God made the best of a bad situation and used it for his glory. Joseph was there because his brothers sold him because his dad played favorites because Rebekah (and Isaac some) played favorites. So the story is bigger than just Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

2. The Bible doesn't tell us the whole story. Just because the Bible doesn't explicitly tell us they talked to God, repented of their sins, and moved on, doesn't mean it didn't happen. It just means the Bible didn't tell us.

3. God doesn't give his opinion There are many places in Genesis where it just tells us the facts about what happened. It doesn't tell us what God thought about what happened. We know that God blessed these men and their families, so obviously they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. So even if the Bible doesn't tell us everything, we should be able to figure it out.

Does this sound logical? Any other ideas? Is it the way Genesis is written? Is there something I'm missing. I would LOVE to hear your ideas!!!


  1. your #1 is spot on....especially since there are no perfect people. You also need to keep in mind that this time period was especially difficult for man. Because of Adam's sin man was seperated from God. This was before the law was given to help convict people of sin. God still looked out for his people but can you imagine the state they were in at this time? I believe you must understand that in every stage God has done what was needed for his Glory. Even though these people could make terrible mistakes God blessed them because they were still his to bless. Blessing them showed his Glory. Even the terrible things showed his glory. If years of captivity had not happened then God would not have had to save the people of Isreal. Would they have accepted the law if they had not gone through all that? Sometimes we look at a small piece of the picture but God always sees the entire picture and what is best for us. (this is just a few of my thoughts off the top of my head as I read)I think it would take years to really go through so I will stop here for now. -erin

  2. Before the law! That makes total sense! Thanks.

  3. honestly genesis is one of those books.. well one of all the books of the bibles that i have never really read into deapth but all i know is that there is the creation of the world in the first few pages.. then it shows the family tree for SEVERAl pages but apparently there is more like what you said. i have noticed through all of your blogs that you have found SEVERAl examples of how the whole story isnt true and yeah there are those small people in every story in the bible whos sotry wasnt told.. where is their ending we dont know, lets hope for the best, ONE MORE THING your right.. i dont think i was ever forced to read a passage when god ^ that one actually gave his opinion about something? either he demanded something to happen or he just didnt talk.. OH WAIT didnt he say that he saw the "mistreatement of the slaves?" or was it that he saw the suffering? dang i ope its the fisrt one that i would be right but anyways.. he doesnt talk much -.- or give opinions! and i think it would be nicer if we did

  4. There are many places he gives a law, but I'm not sure there are so many when he gives an opinion. Of course there are large parts of the Bible that I am not an expert in! He does talk however most of the time it isn't with His voice, so we have to be listening carefully!