Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Genesis: I just don't get it!

I have begun reading through the Bible and some age old questions have come up again. I have figured out a few little things, but I still have lots of questions. So I'm going to throw them all out here and see what you guys think. My big issues are about Abraham and Jacob, which is a large portion of Genesis.

Starting with Abraham, well actually Abram, twice he lied to those in authority about his wife. He said she was his sister. This brought problems on the land they were in and eventually the kings found out. They wanted to know why, he said he was scared, and then he left and all was well. Once God even cautioned the king not to be mean to Abram. (Yes I am summarizing poorly! But you get the point.) But God didn't talk to Abram about his lack of faith or lying. God didn't warn him about the dangers of believing in the power of the king instead of the power of God. However, Abram did leave his land and family, settled in a new land, had a child in his old age, and even was ready to sacrifice his child for God. He was obviously a man of faith and that doesn't come easy. He had to struggle through things to get there. So those times of failure, helped him learn how to get to the moments of success. I get that he was human and faith is a process for everyone, even Abraham. But he didn't apologize or repent for the mistakes. God didn't call him out for it. Or maybe we just weren't told that. Either way, why isn't that part written down or why didn't it happen? Isn't it important to see this part of his walk too? AND the whole thing with Ishmael. What is that about? Didn't Sarah try to take it into her own hands? And then just throwing them out. How is that okay? I get that Ishmael chose his own way, which was violent and hostile most of the time. But even when we find people like that shouldn't we deal with them in love? That episode doesn't seem like love. I don't get it. Any explanations out there?

Now on to Jacob. He tricked Esau and lied to his dad. Then he ran away and had his dream. In that moment, I think he realized who God really was and it was really all about God's plan and not his plan. So even though he manipulated the water to get the strong sheep he needed, he recognized it was really God working out his plan. So Jacob obviously had a struggle of faith himself. Even after he seemed to understand God, he still ran away from Laban. Rachel his wife took a household god. Rachel and Leah often argued over who was loved more. Then later on when Joseph was sold, etc. There was obviously a lot of turmoil in his house. He doesn't seem to really deal with it. Didn't he see these things going on? Didn't he know as the head of the household he is supposed to deal with these issues? I realize he is human and isn't perfect, but again we don't see him say, "Yes I screwed up again! I'm sorry. Help me fix it." Why don't we see it?

Am I the only one who reads it this way? It makes it seem like they messed up, but it's okay. Like it isn't a sin because they were special. That doesn't seem Biblical, so I must be reading something wrong. I have read through these parts of Genesis multiple times and I still read it that way. So there is obviously something missing. What is it? Ideas?

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