Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good stuff on a Saturday

The list is a bit short this week as I am on vacation and haven't read as much. However, here is some good stuff.

Journey to the Field: Brazil Bound - Richard and Ashley are an AMAZING couple and they always have wonderful things to say. This is just a reminder of just who we are called to be.

anna smith - A missionary to Taiwan has an incredible story to tell about a little girl she met in a coffee shop who taught her about God. Read this story and you will learn something too.

The Wiegand's This week Casey shared some beautiful thoughts on the scars we carry and how they change us.

I Hope... This week Judy shares some moving thoughts about being hungry and where God fits into that. This just might change your thoughts on food and much more.

Educating Mama Loma Kath talks a little bit about disturbing trends in the blogging community and how this reflects on us. How can we change this and how can we change us? Read this and consider adopting it into your life.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stronger, better, bigger faith

Since I'm on vacation, I'm going to post a few quick thoughts.

Several weeks ago, I heard a story about a man who was unceremoniously released from his teaching position at a Bible college. He had been there for many years and then he just wasn't anymore. How did he respond? Not with a cross word. Not with complaining. He just accepted it and moved on to other things in life. What are these other things? A daily devotional that he emails out to people and posts on Facebook. Some might say that he has stronger faith or more faith or maybe he's better person.

After some thinking, I disagree with all of these. I think he is just more submissive. He submits that what is going on in life is up to God. God is in control, so he doesn't need to be. Yes you could say that to do so requires stronger faith. However by doing so, you strengthen your faith. So to me that seems like an argument about the chicken or the egg. So next time you think about someone who is a better person than you or someone who has more faith than you do, think about how submissive they are and you can follow that example.

Last year: The day we bollixed it

So as I said Monday, I'm on vacation in Illinois visiting my family. So I thought I would repost one from last year. After reading through a few, this one seemed good. And WOW am I glad that Ben sleeps through the night consistently now.

Original post: 6/28/10

So last Thursday had to be one of the most "interesting" days I have had. So we get up and Drew is going to work for a little bit before Ben's gymnastics class. Hopefully, he'll get enough done to go with us. Yay for family time right? Not so much. Drew didn't get any work done because his computer went kaput. Total kaput.

So Ben and I go to class. This week like last week, Ben just wants to run around. He isn't interested in any of the gymnastics things. He just runs. I get him to try to climb on or over a couple things and he giggles. Then goes back to running. He stops and climbs up the back of one of those things they use to jump on the balance beam and what not. He climbs up the back and runs down it. He seems to think that's fun so I thought maybe it would be fun for the both of us to run up the big (like 2 feet tall at the most) wedge mat thingy. So we ran up it and jumped off. Fun right? Not so much.

When we jumped off, we landed on a slope, which I didn't expect, so I landed funny on my foot. Ben runs off laughing and the teacher of the group is paranoid because I'm hurt. Of course she is thinking, please don't sue us and shortly followed by I hope you are okay. She goes to get Ben and bring him back to me. I sit there for a minute and get up and walk on it. It hurts, but it seems pretty okay. We finish the class. She hopes I get to feeling better and we head home. As I walk out to the car and drive home, my foot starts hurting a little more and I'm laughing at myself because I hurt myself at a 1 and 2 year old gymnastics class.

I get home and Drew sees that I have hurt myself, but I tell him I'm mostly okay. Then he tells me about his morning. Yes his computer is totally dead and I had the keys to his car, so he couldn't go get a new one. He started trying to work on mine. First he had to load the software on mine and set it up, which took some doing. Then he started to try to use it, but he has to use the F1 to F5 keys. Most computers not a problem. My computer, he has to hit the function key and then hit the F1, etc. So it's going SLOWLY for him. His plan had been to go to Best Buy and get what he needed while I kept Ben and then we go on like normal. Except now I have hurt my foot and it is hurting more by the minute.

Now we're really in a pickle, his work is going to take him twice as long because he's working on a foreign computer and is due by 6pm. He has to run after Ben because I can't. And possibly most importantly, do I need to go to the doctor? If so, how do we fit that in? Well, I have never broken, sprained, etc. a body part, so I really have no clue what either one feels like. My foot is not swelling and there is no bruising. So we decide to elevate it and ice it and see what happens. Well, what happens is that it HURTS!! I bug Drew a time or two about how do I know if I broke it? We go back to the doctor conversation. We decide that it's probably a bad sprain and keep elevating and icing it.

Ben is behaving super! He's not getting into any of the stuff he isn't supposed to and he is playing by himself very well. So we're going along pretty good until late afternoon. Drew is going to go to Best Buy and get a computer. What to do with Ben? He goes to Nana's. I get to relax, Drew gets a new computer, and Ben gets Nana time. All's well right? Mmmm... not so much.

Ben didn't get his whole nap out because he fell asleep before lunch. He got up hungry and ate pretty good, but it was late. Nana gave him a pretty good snack, which some days is the size of his dinner. The toddler tummy is a fun thing! Ben comes home exhausted, so we play a little and then he goes to bed. I'm thinking well, he must have gotten full with his snack. He's not acting hungry, so sleeping a little early is okay. Drew finished working, I kept relaxing, and Ben is sleeping. Rough day, but it's ending nicely right? Nope, not over yet.

I normally get Ben back to sleep when he wakes up, which recently has been rarely and only with a little whining. A smidgen of a back rub and he's back asleep. However, with my foot, Drew is going to get Ben tonight. Poor Drew. Ben wakes up a little madder than usual a little before 2 am. Drew tries my tricks to get him back to sleep. Nothing doing. Drew brings him to bed to see if I can help. Ben roots and rolls and flips and flops. None of us get back to sleep and Ben gets more angry. So by the time he's really screaming we realize he might be hungry or thirsty. We try some milk in a sippy. Nothing. We try some Cheerios. Nothing. He's still screaming. We call Nana, yes at 2 am. She is wonderful and doesn't mind this. She tells us to come over and we'll figure out if he's sick, ear infection pain or something, hungry, or something else. The ride to Nana's helped calm him down. He eats some yogurt and some Cheerios. He drinks a sippy full of milk. He then thinks it's time to play. So we play for a little bit and about 4 am, Ben starts to get tired. We go home. He goes to bed and we go to bed. Finally the day is over.

Moral of the story, even if physically things are going wrong and work is going wrong, don't forget to feed your kid or no one gets to sleep. So yeah, that is the story of the day we bollixed it. Thankfully, God gives us chances to start over and Friday was much better.

ONE MORE NOTE: Because of the ankle, Drew had to go to a quinceanera that was all in Spanish. I don't make it easy for him!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday is my Muse 7-25

Today I am travelling to Illinois to visit my family. So I will be posting a new favorite poem of mine. Not that the poem is new. It is just a new discovery for me. I love the message and imagery in this one. The writing in dialect adds to it, so that you can hear what is being said. Amazing!

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes

Well, son, I’ll tell you:
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
It’s had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor—
But all the time
I’se been a-climbin’ on,
And reachin’ landin’s,
And turnin’ corners,
And sometimes goin’ in the dark
Where there ain’t been no light.
So boy, don’t you turn back.
Don’t you set down on the steps
’Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.
Don’t you fall now—
For I’se still goin’, honey,
I’se still climbin’,
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

Langston Hughes, “Mother to Son” from Collected Poems. Copyright © 1994 by The Estate of Langston Hughes. Reprinted with the permission of Harold Ober Associates Incorporated.

Source: The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes (Vintage Books, 1994)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Good Stuff

Last weekend I posted some good articles that I read. I read some more good stuff, so I thought I would post it again. I'm not sure if I'll be doing this every week or not, but I'll try to post one of these when I've read several good articles.

New Ways Forward - Evolution, Adam, and Racism An interesting insight into a benefit of Adam being the father of the human race. It really made me think.

Journey to the Field: Brazil Bound - Dear God A wonderful post straight from the heart as God is challenging this couple in new ways. Amazing stuff here!

Compassion International Blog - How far would you go? We often take for granted what a precious commodity we have in fresh water. These people don't. You should read about it.

The Rabbit Room - The power of stories I am totally in love with stories of any kind in any form, so I thought this was a great post.

This is my Blog - With Us
Amazing insights from a military wife about God. You should definitely go read this one! I'm not sure how to describe it other than wonderful.

reversing a-pathetic Christianity - Can you call down fire from heaven?
Wow! This was a challenging post to read! I'm not sure that I'm brave enough in my faith to pray like this, but I probably should be.

I Hope... - Geek Status
I consider myself a geek, so it was great to hear other people claim it too.

UPDATE on My Radical Experiment: I finished the book of Exodus this morning and I"m closing in on the end of the countries that start with the letter C.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The last word

This week I had a funny post and an observational post. I wasn't sure where to post which one. As you may or may not know, I have 2 blogs. This one and a faith blog. If you follow that one, you know I'm not really funny over there much, so today I put the funny one over there. It needs a little funny and I'll put the observational post here. What am I observing? I'm so glad you asked!

Blogging, texting, and other places where you might digitally converse with someone. It is an odd way to communicate, but I kinda love it. I really, really hate talking on the phone. I only call my mother and when I absolutely HAVE to talk to some professional. So I text or email when I can. I prefer the written word. However, it does have some difficulties. For instance when you are texting and the conversation is coming to and end, who has the last word? Is it too "I have to have the last word" to say an extra Thanks or Bye? Is it rude not to answer with that? My solution is to sometimes say the extra word and sometimes not.

Facebook and Twitter are similar with this issue. Do you like every nice comment? Do you only like the ones you really like? What about on Twitter when someone says something great? Do you tweet just to say, "Great thought."? Do you retweet it even if your followers won't understand why it is great? My solution is sometimes to quote it and add a comment on Twitter. If not that, then I leave it alone. Facebook, I only like what I actually like whether funny or clever or nice.

Blogging is the most complicated of all. There are so many unwritten rules that I don't know. The ones I know confuse me. If someone comments on your blog, you should go comment on theirs. Maybe it's me, but that seems so superficial. If I commented on yours, then it's because you said something particularly wonderful and I want to say so. That does not require you to come here and post something when I didn't say anything wonderful. Not that you shouldn't comment on here, but if you do make sure it is a real thought. If you do comment, then should I reply to every comment if I only have a "Thanks" or "Great idea" to comment back. Do those words become hollow because I use them too much? If so, then do I reserve them for only when I mean it? If I do that, then do I seem rude to not respond? Another issue, how often should you comment? If someone posts a really great post and then their next post is another great one, I usually only comment on one. However, recently I read two posts that were really great. One was so awesome that I only said, "Great post!" Hint: If I say something that short, then I'm blown away and can't say anything else, but that. So then the second great post comes along and I have a comment. My first thought was to not say anything because I posted on the previous one. This is a blog that I have read, but not commented on so going from nothing to two seems extreme. I kept my comment to myself and thought of this blog post. Then I thought, "This whole thing is stupid." If I have something to say, then say it. It wasn't negative or anything. It was empathy for a similar experience and commenting on the other fabulousness of the post. So I said it. I've been kinda paranoid all day too. I've checked it a few times to see if there was a comment back or something. There has been nothing, so I don't know what he thought. Now I'm back to the commenting on every comment. So I have made a big circle and come back to blogging is complicated and I don't know who is supposed to have the last word.

A love story

It happened in Mrs. Drake's 8th grade English class. We were doing demonstration speeches. I was terrified of doing mine because I had no skills to demonstrate. My mom (or was it dad?) came up with mini pizzas (a little bit of cheese, sauce, pepperonis on an English muffin). I had never made them before, but it was portable and easily shared. So I gave my speech early and settled in to listen to the rest, little did I know one of those rest would change my life.

There is only one of the other speeches I remember. None of the others mattered really. Joe Dimaggio, not the baseball player, got up to give his speech. His family owned the Italian restaurant in town. Dad, Mom, Jon, and I ate there regularly because they had pizza and everyone knows that is the best "eating out" meal you can have. So it's no surprise that Joe spoke about pizza making. He totally showed me up, but I didn't mind. He may have even thrown the dough. (If he didn't, it sounds good for the story.) So he told us all about making pizza dough. He showed us how to roll it out and threw it in the air. His was the best and most interesting speech. Of course I may be biased. He ended his speech with a brief summary of the rest of the pizza process and then it happened. Sharing time! He had two different kinds of pizza. One that isn't worth mentioning (because I forgot). And the other was heavenly. It had to be straight from God himself, right off the banquet table!

It was mushroom pizza. Not just any mushroom pizza, but Dimaggio's mushroom pizza. I've tried others over the years, but they just don't measure up. The fresh mushroom and the amazing amount of cheese with the perfectly spiced sauce on top of the handmade perfectly cooked crust and then cut into squares! It just doesn't get any better. It was there in that decades old classroom where hundreds of speeches had been given that I fell in love... with Dimaggio's mushroom pizza.
Unfortunately my love is far away from me and our relationship has become strained from distance. However, we will be reuniting soon. In a couple weeks the family and I will be visiting Fairfield. My love and I will be reuniting! So if you are in the area of Fairfield IL, and by area I mean if you are in Illinois, Indiana, or Missouri, go and visit them. Get a pizza. I prefer mushroom and bacon, but all of them are awesome. You will not regret it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest Post and a new feature

First of all, I am very excited to announce I have made my very first guest post! I was and still am super nervous. What if I don't have anything to say? Well, I found something to say, but what if no one likes it?! I guess you should head over and go find out. While you are there, read the rest of the stuff Jeff has written about. He's got some good stuff.

ALSO, I am going to start a weekly feature. Yes I mean, I will be posting something on a specific day every week. Aren't you amazed! Today will begin the Monday is my Muse feature. At least that's what I'm going to call it until I think of something better. I will be posting a poem I have written or I will post a favorite poem of mine. Today I am posting one that I wrote just this weekend.


Some days when you forget who you were
And don't know what you will be,
Who you are seems very far.
Sit down and look around.
Look through memory albums of the past.
Look through the Book of your future.
And now comes back into focus.
You remember who you were.
You confirm who you will be.
Then who you are is not so far.
It is right there in your hand.

Creative Commons License
Now? by Andrea Ward is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good stuff this week

A few of the blogs I follow have a weekly thing where they send out links to good stuff that they have read. I read some pretty awesome stuff this week, so I thought I would start doing that. - This is in the vein of Serious Wednesday over on Stuff Christians Like. Pretty amazing insights on what happens when we judge, which is important for me to remember. - This guy has some amazing thoughts about the theology part of Christianity. As per usual, he is spot on with this one. The idea of original sin makes us uncomfortable, so what do we do about it? See what he says. - I have read Harry Potter and loved them. However, I didn't realize all the good Christian parallels in there. Whether you have or have not read Harry Potter, this is a fabulous article. - I even wrote a post in response to this one. I'm working hard on making little steps to create a big change and it all started here. - This is a new blog I discovered and I loved what I have read. This guy is really super honest about where he is and what he struggles through. Go here, read it all, and start to follow him. - So this week when I have started and put down at least 3 different books AND sorted through about 20 more that I didn't want to read, this post was inspiring. I'm going to go to my library's website and search for this book now. You should go read all about it.

Happy reading!

P.S. Does anyone know what blog etiquette says about me linking to their stuff. Should I let them know that I'm linking it or not?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last week was the 4th of July, which here in the US is Independence Day. We spent the day with family, a little bit of a food, and a few fireworks. No big celebrations here, but it was fun. However, there were more than a few events of the day that really got me to thinking about freedom, the US, and Jesus. So it seems appropriate to share those here.

The way we celebrate our independence has always seemed strange to me. It seems detached from the event we are celebrating. Fireworks and grilling out just don't seem connected to the Declaration of Independence. Maybe at your church service you have a patriotic message. Maybe something about the founding of this country and how to be a good American and a good Christian. That's cool and it helps you remember why we are celebrating. Maybe you put a thank you status up on Facebook or Google+. Maybe you tweet thank you. You might even say thank you to a veteran. We watch some fireworks and eat a hamburger or a hot dog. We sigh and go home satisfied that we have celebrated our independence. Somehow that seems hollow or shallow. Is that really the only way we can celebrate our country and our history. I don't know what I would do differently, but that just doesn't seem to be enough. I have felt that way for a while, but this year a few things happened to deepen my independence day.

The first one was with my mother in law's pool. It's one of the bigger blow up pools. We can sit in and Ben can play in it. The tarp that is on it to keep bugs and what not out had blown off, so we had to empty it and refill it. In the process we found multiple holes and decided to retire it. It was like 4 or 5 years old after all. We went to get a new one so Ben could play in it and started filling it up. In this process, I started thinking about how much water we were wasting. There are places in the world where people can't get a tenth of the clean water we were just throwing away. Then I started to feel guilty. My response was to say a little prayer. "Lord, just help me enjoy this time with family and not feel guilty." He did help me enjoy my day without a lot of guilt.

When it got dark, we went out to shoot off fireworks and take some photos. I was playing with sparklers while my brother in law, Alex, was playing with the time elapsed setting on his camera. We got some decent photos of me spelling out USA.

(It actually looked more like CRA, but you get the idea.)

After we shot off all the other fireworks, we had about 5 or 6 morning glories left. So I lit them all and Alex set the camera for 30 seconds. This time I didn't try to spell anything. I just made circles, random lines, the cross, curvy lines, etc. In the end, I was pretty amazed by the shape that showed up.

Do you see it? It's the shape of the cross! There are many times I feel like I'm just making random shapes. The random mission trip I took, the random students I teach, the random activities with my youth kids, the random blog posts, etc., etc., etc. just seem like random lines and shapes in my life. However when I do all of these things with God's leading, the cross covers me. The cross which is a symbol of love, grace, and mercy covers me. The light of Christ shines from my actions illuminating the glory of God.

This is where I find my freedom. I enjoy benefits in this world because I am in this country, but my greater benefits are elsewhere. AND so are the benefits for all of those less fortunate than me. I don't need to walk around feeling inadequate and guilty all the time. God placed me here for a reason. I need to enjoy what he has given me. I need to truly give him thanks for it. He didn't make a mistake. He isn't making random lines in the universe and just watching what happens. God has a plan and we are called to follow it. When we do, the cross covers us and light shines from us and people don't see us. They see light, love, grace, mercy, and the glory of God.

New Blog Button

I created a new blog button that is over there to the right of this post. It was so much fun to make it! Then I tried to figure out how to put it on my website, but I couldn't do it. Thankfully the wonderful Casey Wiegand came to my rescue and got it working for me. If you haven't checked out her wonderful blog yet, you should! Besides the fact that she is super nice and super talented, she has a super fabulous blog! So if you have a blog and would like to share me on it, grab the button and share away! Then go over to The Wiegand's and see the wonderful stuff Casey is doing!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Uninspired no more

After reading this blog post over at The Esau Project I thought, "Wow! That's honest!" Followed by, "Wow, that's me right now." So I decided today to start doing something about it. After Ben's nap and the grocery store visit, I put on my exercise shorts and walking shoes. Then I took Ben for a walk around 2 blocks of our neighborhood. Now you are thinking, "Oooooh. What a workout!" Well it was for me and by the end of this blog post, I'm going to convince it was too.

My goals are pretty basic. I want to exercise a little every day. By exercise, I mean do something to make me sweat. I want to lose 10 to 15 pounds over the next 12 to 18 months. I want to drink more water and less caffeine. I want my size 14 pants to fit better. (Yes, I just put my size up on the internet for everyone to read. Marilyn Monroe was about the same size. I'm not ashamed.) My goals are simple because I want to make these changes forever and not just for a short period, so I can lose some weight. If it works and I lose more, then great. If not, I'm okay with that. So with these basic goals in mind, a walk around the neighborhood is good. In this walk around the neighborhood, I pushed a 30 pound child in his stroller and our neighborhood has some big hills. So I pushed him up the hill and then up the massive hill. We came in to cool off and he wanted to walk some more. I walked him around one block and this time I ran with the stroller a little bit. By a little bit, I mean a couple seconds at a time. However, I did it 4 times. So going from doing nothing to walking/running around 2 tough blocks with hills is a good workout for me. Also, I did this in the massive heat we had today. So I'm fighting back against the slothfulness the heat causes. Oh and I got to spend some quality time with my son. A good workout now becomes quality time and a workout.

This was a really big deal for me because I have been struggling quite a bit with how to be a good mom and be healthy/pretty. If I take time for a shower or exercise or make-up, then I'm taking time away from Ben. If I give him the time he deserves, then I can't exercise, shower, look better. Well, that is a big fat LIE! I worked out and spent plenty of time with him today! After our walk, we had dinner. He took a bath and we played Giddyup and Peek-A-Boo. I read him stories, said our prayers, and rocked for a bit. Now he's asleep and I'm blogging.

There was one thing that didn't happen today, that was Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. While I love my social media, I do not need it 24/7. I did spend a little too much time on Angry Birds. Thanks Amanda S. for introduction to that. I also read a few pages of a book. I'm not that interested in that one, so I'm going to look for another one. But I got off the computer and read a book.

One last thing I did today, I picked graham crackers over chocolate. I wanted something sweet for after dinner, so I thought about getting chocolate. However I didn't want to spend almost $5 on one bag of chocolate. So I spent $5 on 2 boxes of graham crackers that Ben and I can share. It's amazing what a well timed blog post can do! Now I'm going to get off of here and get to bed early, so I can get up early and continue my streak of doing something!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Genesis: I might be getting it?

If you read my last post, you know Genesis has me a little confused. So after reading a little more of Genesis, I think I'm starting to get it, a little. I had a few revalations.

1. God is using imperfect people. Yes I realize this should be obvious, but I didn't really grasp it until I was reading some about Joseph. They are going to make mistakes, but God uses the anyway. He even uses those mistakes for his glory. However, there are also consequences to their actions. Like slavery in Egypt because they moved there when Joseph was in power and in good graces with the Pharaoh. When Joseph was alive, God made the best of a bad situation and used it for his glory. Joseph was there because his brothers sold him because his dad played favorites because Rebekah (and Isaac some) played favorites. So the story is bigger than just Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

2. The Bible doesn't tell us the whole story. Just because the Bible doesn't explicitly tell us they talked to God, repented of their sins, and moved on, doesn't mean it didn't happen. It just means the Bible didn't tell us.

3. God doesn't give his opinion There are many places in Genesis where it just tells us the facts about what happened. It doesn't tell us what God thought about what happened. We know that God blessed these men and their families, so obviously they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. So even if the Bible doesn't tell us everything, we should be able to figure it out.

Does this sound logical? Any other ideas? Is it the way Genesis is written? Is there something I'm missing. I would LOVE to hear your ideas!!!

My week in 5 simple points

So after thinking and thinking all week, I just don't have any good ideas to follow up my two awesome Honduras posts. Not that they were awesome because I wrote them, but they were awesome because those kids are so great that they make it awesome. Since I have nothing to say, I'll give you a short list of what I have done this week.

1. Google+ After hearing some whispers and rumors, I found out that Google's version of Facebook is up and running for a select few. Of course I wanted to be on the cutting edge and be a part of this. I'm rather techy and media savvy, so it makes sense. Thanks to my wonderful friend and twitter pal, Herschel invited me. I invited a few more and now I'm out of invites. It is still very new and limited in actual capabilities, but I can see incredible potential. So I'm looking forward to see where this goes.

2. Poetry Last night when I was up later than I needed to be, like now, I was reading through some old poetry that I wrote. Bad teenage poetry really takes one back, at least it did for me. And in this time travel process, I discovered something. I like writing poetry. I like to come up with story lines and characters in my head, but actually putting them on paper is totally different. I don't like the writing out the story process. However, I can write a story with a poem and I get to use really cool turns of phrases. So even if it is bad adult poetry, I'm going to try my hand at that again.

My Promise (1995 or 1996)

Anything you want it's yours...You want my life, take it...I trust you...I would give you anything...I would give up anything for you...I will let my dreams die for your will to be done...You are my God and always will be...I love you...I will obey you...I will be loyal to you...I will fight the Devil with you...I will not give in to him...He can not have me...Because I am your servant and child...You are my God and always will be...This is my promise to you.

Creative Commons License
My Promise by Andrea Ward is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Written shortly after I started putting Jesus first. Written in the style of James J. Metcalfe. I don't like the 'normal' look of poetry because I don't like the different line lengths and worrying about punctuation or fixing line lengths. So I saw a book of poetry by Metcalfe that was written this way and adopted it for myself.

3. Haircut I have been really frustrated with my hair for the last 2 months or so. The ends were split and it always looked bad. So I've had a lot of ponytails and braids to cover for the OMG!-your-hair-looks-bad style I've had. Thankfully, today I had a hair appointment. I told my fabulous stylist at Richard Anthony Hair that I wanted it cut to just below my shoulders, layered, with long bangs. Of course Krystal did an amazing job. I love it and it looks pretty again. Yay!

4. Fireworks With this week being Independence day here in the States, we watched some fireworks and shot a few off ourselves. We just had a few little fountain ones, some morning glories, sparklers, and poppers. Not any of the expensive, big, fancy fireworks, but it was great for us. Thanks to my super awesome brother in law, we got some pretty great photos of the night too. The best part was the fact that we just walked into our house when we were done. No long lines trying to leave!

5. Projects: Done! I have a presentation at church about Honduras on Sunday, so I had to work on getting that together. I also wanted to put together a little video montage of Ben this weekend. I got both done. I made the Prezi about Honduras and put together a video montage. (I'll post those later. I want the church to be the first to see the finished product.) I also put together a video montage of Ben. That was more than a little difficult because the videos were from my phone. So I had to download a converter, so I could put them into Movie Maker and put them together. AND I posted a bunch of photos to Facebook of Easter, the 4th, and Honduras.

VERY, VERY basic video. I am totally relying on Ben's cuteness to make it interesting.

So that is a summary of my week. If you like lists and want to read a really good list, check out The Esau Project every Friday. Julie posts 10 Things every Friday. Her lists are so good I even read them on my cell phone. My list wasn't as cool as hers so if you read this one, you will definitely want to go read hers.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Genesis: I just don't get it!

I have begun reading through the Bible and some age old questions have come up again. I have figured out a few little things, but I still have lots of questions. So I'm going to throw them all out here and see what you guys think. My big issues are about Abraham and Jacob, which is a large portion of Genesis.

Starting with Abraham, well actually Abram, twice he lied to those in authority about his wife. He said she was his sister. This brought problems on the land they were in and eventually the kings found out. They wanted to know why, he said he was scared, and then he left and all was well. Once God even cautioned the king not to be mean to Abram. (Yes I am summarizing poorly! But you get the point.) But God didn't talk to Abram about his lack of faith or lying. God didn't warn him about the dangers of believing in the power of the king instead of the power of God. However, Abram did leave his land and family, settled in a new land, had a child in his old age, and even was ready to sacrifice his child for God. He was obviously a man of faith and that doesn't come easy. He had to struggle through things to get there. So those times of failure, helped him learn how to get to the moments of success. I get that he was human and faith is a process for everyone, even Abraham. But he didn't apologize or repent for the mistakes. God didn't call him out for it. Or maybe we just weren't told that. Either way, why isn't that part written down or why didn't it happen? Isn't it important to see this part of his walk too? AND the whole thing with Ishmael. What is that about? Didn't Sarah try to take it into her own hands? And then just throwing them out. How is that okay? I get that Ishmael chose his own way, which was violent and hostile most of the time. But even when we find people like that shouldn't we deal with them in love? That episode doesn't seem like love. I don't get it. Any explanations out there?

Now on to Jacob. He tricked Esau and lied to his dad. Then he ran away and had his dream. In that moment, I think he realized who God really was and it was really all about God's plan and not his plan. So even though he manipulated the water to get the strong sheep he needed, he recognized it was really God working out his plan. So Jacob obviously had a struggle of faith himself. Even after he seemed to understand God, he still ran away from Laban. Rachel his wife took a household god. Rachel and Leah often argued over who was loved more. Then later on when Joseph was sold, etc. There was obviously a lot of turmoil in his house. He doesn't seem to really deal with it. Didn't he see these things going on? Didn't he know as the head of the household he is supposed to deal with these issues? I realize he is human and isn't perfect, but again we don't see him say, "Yes I screwed up again! I'm sorry. Help me fix it." Why don't we see it?

Am I the only one who reads it this way? It makes it seem like they messed up, but it's okay. Like it isn't a sin because they were special. That doesn't seem Biblical, so I must be reading something wrong. I have read through these parts of Genesis multiple times and I still read it that way. So there is obviously something missing. What is it? Ideas?