Thursday, June 2, 2011


When the internet came to Southern Illinois and I got my first email address, the problem of a username. You want something that sounds cool and represents you. Of course at that time with dial up internet and what not, you had to be careful about information that you released. So you wouldn't want to use your name or anything. My final decision was the nickname I had my senior year and my birth year, mud_80.

After a little while, this one got boring and I wanted to switch email providers. So I went to yahoo and zoinks_44. The number of my favorite hockey player at the time and something for Scooby Doo, my favorite cartoon. After awhile, that one also had to go. I got tired of the underscore. That seems petty in hindsight, but I changed it. Now it was cloudboxer. Why? It was totally random. I thought those words sounded cool together, it was a valid username, and it didn't have any numbers or extra characters. A little while after this, I made a list of words that I thought sounded happy and looked cool. Then I put them together to make potential usernames for whatever needs may come.

So a couple years ago, I was presented with the wonderfulness that is Google. After some prodding, I switched. And yes another username. I referred to my handy list and narrowed it down. I decided that I did want a dot in between the two words. The dot is way cooler than the underscore in my book. (I may have had myspace before google in which case the username was decided upon there.) Of the words I had, citrus and sunshine seemed the happiest and a good length to have. So I put a dot in between the two words because the 2 letters together is too much, which is why that sentence is so weird. I didn't know how to word it without two letters back to back like that. Now the word success doesn't bother me, but when it spans two different words and the become confused we have a problem. So Google with it's wonderful dot separated the two words and I had a username with which I was satisfied.

Then came the blog, which started as a little pregnancy update for my family. (Don't go read the first few blogs, I'm sure they are really bad.) I didn't have a name for the website, so I thought just go with the username. I didn't have a name or a good design either. I know have a name and a design that is getting there. The website name remains the same and seems oddly unrelated to the blog name. I'm okay with that because I like to think I am becoming citrus.sunshine.

How? Partly because I think I have finally picked a favorite scent with Scentsy. After a year of burning a bunch of different stuff and having probably 30 different bars in my house, I think I have decided what is my favorite. Citrus Sun Tea is the best. I smelled it in a sample at first and it was okay. I got the bar and it smelled a little better. I burned it tonight for the first time and it is amazing. Citrusy? Yes, but not overwhelmingly so. The sun tea part tones down the citrus to make it pleasant with a hint of fresh tea. (I guess you would call tea fresh.)

So I have finally found a perfect username and I am happy to be out in the internet world as Mrs. Citrus.Sunshine.

P.S. Having said that, I realize that my Twitter name is different. It is another option from that list of great words. At the time I wasn't as comfortable with my username. I'm not quite as pleased with it as citrus.sunshine, but I guess it is too late to change it.

How did you come up with your username? Do you like it?


  1. as you can see I have never put that much thought into my username:) Dragstrem is not a common name so I never have to worry about anyone using it except family...

  2. I believe you can actually change your twitter name. If you felt like it! :) Just go to settings.

  3. I'll have to try that. Thanks!