Friday, June 10, 2011

Special kid

As a parent there are some moments when you are completely right there and you realize, "Wow, this is really happening!" I had several of those moments the other day. Monday I came home and Drew showed me Ben's new trick. We have a calendar from PetCo of adopted animals and the money supported animal shelters. We needed a calendar and who doesn't love a kitty or a puppy? So last month we showed Ben the calendar to distract him from something. He has been pretty demanding since then. He loves the calendar. Anyway, Monday I came home and Ben had a trick. Drew would point on the back of the calendar to an animal and Ben would say it's name. He knew June - Dec. and a couple months in the first half. It was then that I thought, "Man, this kid is smart!" Followed by, "How will I keep him engaged and not tearing things up from boredom?"

Shortly after that, I was playing with him in the backyard. Of course, he is running. So I took his hand and ran with him. When he was running, I actually had to jog to keep up. I thought, "Wow, this kid is fast." Followed by, "Wow, I'm out of shape!" I have to admit I was winded after running back and forth a couple times. Of course, stopping after a run to get him going back in the right direction didn't help. But still I'm out of shape. I should probably run with him in the backyard more often.

I am very blessed that God trusted Drew and I with this special little guy.


  1. I think that a lot, wondering if it's that they are fast or I'm just out of shape! I have a special little man (my youngest) who just makes you run a little more than the others. I try to look at it as a free workout :) You have such a good outlook on things!

  2. Thanks! It's easy to have a good attitude with Ben. At work, it's a whole different story! And I'm impressed that you were willing to go back and face the kitchen.

  3. are you serious o.o he can read or memorize the monts of the year? thats crazy! seth cant even do that -.- i am jelous at the moment.. but yeah its kinda crazy to think how fast these small kids are! they never run out of energy! and instead of seth destroying everything or whatever ben does seth wont sotp eating -.- its insanity! kids are either a really nice thing or just a plain pain in your butt

  4. Yeah he's good at memorizing things. His current thing to say is part of the Saggy Baggy Elephant story. He repeats most of the 4 or 5 sentences the lion says.