Friday, May 13, 2011

Wuthering Heights

I just finished that book again last night. I read it in 8th grade the first time and I loved it! The moors, the British dialect, the names, and on and on and on. In 8th grade, Cathy was the villian, Heathcliff was to be pitied, and Edgar got in the way. I began reading it again a month or so ago. I felt the same way again. By the time I finished it, I changed my mind. Cathy was stuck in a hard position. She loved a guy who constantly chose the harsh and violent responses to life. She met another family that had a nice life and wanted others to have that nice life. They didn't choose violence. They chose family. So she chose him Edgar. He helped to settle her down and she found a peaceful easy life until Heathcliff returned. And he returned with a vengeance, continuing to choose violence and harshness. He could have chosen to move on and find happiness elsewhere. He could have believed in a plan outside of his own and changed. He went so far as to try to manipulate the next generation and bend it to his will. It was not enough for them to make their own decisions. They should make the decisions that he would have them make. Cathy wanted peace and happiness, so she chose the one who could provide that. And all these years I thought she was wrong.

I guess I had to learn that people will make their own decisions and no one is responsible for someone else's decision. We can advise and counsel, but we can not make the decision for him or her. It is theirs to make and I should not feel guilty if they choose poorly. Do everything in my power and then leave it to them. I seem to be learning that lesson from a few different places recently. I guess I'm not a quick learner with this one. What have you been learning recently?

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