Friday, May 20, 2011

Future Authors?

Do all bloggers want to become published authors? It seems many of those that I read have been published or want to become published. I suppose this could be a very good medium to learn how to place the perfect words in the perfect place for maximum impact. This can be a great way to learn to edit and to connect with an audience. I like to write a little fiction myself every so often. However I am not at all interested in becoming published. That whole process is more than I care to wade through. Mostly, I don't really have a great story to tell. There are some that do have a story to tell, like my friends Bonnie and Leanne. And I really, really admire them for the effort they put into the publishing of their work.

I am finding out more and more that I am not that person. When I was younger, I thought that would be the most awesome thing ever. Writing a great story and getting it published had to be the best career that someone could have. I wrote stories and entered them in little local competitions. I even won a couple of them. Throughout high school a friend and I wrote stories and critiqued them for each other. I took a creative writing class in college. That might have been the hardest class I took. I realized how non talented I was, but I did get better and enjoyed the class in the end. I still didn't give up on the writing dream. I kept writing a little here and a little there. I would write a paragraph or two of which I was really proud. This past November I even entered NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I started writing a novel. I even got to 20% of the goal, which was 50,000 words. That was all within about 10 days. I was proud of myself. I thought maybe I could really write a novel. Then I read a little about the process of submitting a manuscript and I didn't like it. I got dissatisfied with the story I was writing. It was then I realized that writing a publishing a novel or book was not for me. I do love stories and I even love thinking up some stories. Writing them down and presenting them to others not so much.

The post from a couple weeks ago was part of the story I was writing for NaNoWriMO. I was really proud of that part over all. There were a few places that I thought could be improved. There always are. That might be the last thing I write with gusto. And I'm not really too sad about that. So in answer to my original question, no. I just enjoy an opportunity to write a little something each week.

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