Friday, May 20, 2011


There seems to be a lot of talk of eternity lately on the blogs I read and in my personal daily conversations. Today at lunch we ended up having a discussion on Heaven. It was about the fate of our animals. One commented that Heaven will have whatever makes you happy. I heard someone ask once if there will be hunting and fishing. Later in the day I was thinking, "I want a house with a view." Then I thought right after that, "Is this what I should want in heaven? Isn't heaven about more than this?" We are talking about HEAVEN! God and Jesus 24/7. Yeah I know, but what about my dog, my house, my...? Did I really ask that question. Aren't I missing the point? These musing might sound vaguely familiar. I said something like this recently. I also had a short conversation with some students about Heaven as well recently. In that conversation, they were stuck on the streets of gold and I thought, "Okay, but you also get God." I think God might be trying to expand my view of Heaven.

The other end of that spectrum has also been discussed a bit recently. I have read a little talk about Rob Bell and watched a little video by Francis Chan. Lots of the discussion seems to be centered around the question of is there one or not. In the video, Francis Chan says several times that we have to be careful how we present this and that we can't misrepresent it. I agree with that idea. However it seems to be that there is a whole lot of words and talking used for a rather simple concept. Pick Jesus or don't. If you pick Jesus you get to be with him forever. If you don't pick him, then you won't be with him forever. He won't make you pick him. The decision is yours. If you have chosen him then you would know how awesome he is and you will want to share that. Maybe I am over simplifying it, but isn't that the most important ideas in the gospel?

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