Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad Service = God's plan

Last night was a night to remember. Why was it so memorable you ask. It was memorable for the bad service we had a chain restaurant. I found out they had a kids eat free night last night, so Drew and I decided to eat there for dinner. After school there was a weightlifting competition that Ben and I attended. We got home about 6:30 and before I got out of the car Drew asked if I was ready to go for dinner. I said yes and thought that was a good plan so Ben wouldn't have to get in and out of the car. So we head to the restaurant and it isn't too busy, good sign. We walk in and wait for almost 5 minutes for the host to ask us about seating. We weren't pleased, but it wasn't a deal breaker. We had to wait a few more minutes for a table. Not a problem for us, Ben was getting a little antsy. We are seated and wait over 5 minutes for the waitress to ask us about drinks. And she only came over after the host went to get her. Not a good thing.

So we ordered our food and drinks. Ben was very quickly tired of the crayons and didn't really want the milk we ordered. He did want the chips we got as an appetizer with their 2 for $20 dinner meal. He had to dip his chip in the salsa. He made a face which was cute. Then he wanted to crush them up and throw them. Not cool. He wasn't happy that we stopped that. So we are impatiently waiting for the food. We got it and the food was great! Ben is starting to use a fork and he ate his pizza and rice with a fork. It was cute.

So now your thinking, "You're writing a blog post about waiting too long?" Or maybe, "What does this have to do with Jesus?" I'm getting there. Ben had a massively wet diaper, so after we ate I went to change him. (Yes Jesus shows up in this story!) While I was doing that, Drew paid. They didn't let us use the free child's meal. I guess the 2 for $20 is a competing offer. Grr. And I forgot to give Drew our gift card. So the meal that we shouldn't have paid for, we had to pay full price for it. Grrr again.

But when I saw the check paid for, I knew it was shouting at me. Yes he was shouting. How? There is one more character in this story that I left out. When we were waiting for a table, there was a family right behind us that was waiting. Or two families 4 adults, 5 kids. There were two little girls, maybe cousins, that were giggling about the lip gloss they put on. One of the dad's was giving them a hard time. It was cute. One mother was telling a story about the field day one boy just had and how he won because the teacher forgot to say don't use your hands. Again, cute. One dad told a story about his mother falling and injuring her shoulder. She prayed and quoted Scripture to calm herself down and the shoulder popped back into place. A healing story too, awesome! We were seated and the family was seated a few tables in front of us. I didn't see this because they were at my back, however Ben insisted that I switch sides because he wanted to sit by me. So then I could see them, interesting no?

While I was eating I thought about our gift card that we have had since December and how we haven't used it in almost 6 months and how we weren't pleased with the service. It was a $50 gift card and we wouldn't use it all on this trip. I didn't really want to come back and use it again. Then God poked me and said, "How about that family?" I thought it was crazy, but the thought wouldn't go away. So I said, "I'll do it if you make it obvious that I should." Now enter the check fiasco. I asked Drew about paying. After he told me about the no free child dinner, he said he really didn't want to come back. I was cool with that because I didn't really want to either. So God is shouting some more.

Now is the moment of truth, what do I do? I made a complete fool out of myself, but I gave them the unused $50 gift card. Let me remind you that I am HORRIBLE at small talk! I don't like talking to strangers without planning my words. So God was shoving me outside my comfortable box. The family was appreciative, so its all good. Not quite.

This morning on the way to work, I'm going over what I said and how stupid I sounded. "We're good Christians." Because there are bad ones, right? "You don't know me from Adam." That seems stupid to say. Why couldn't I have just said, "God told me to." I didn't. And then there were the during dinner doubts. "They might be one of those 'other' Christian denominations." "The women were wearing long denim skirts. I think their hair was kinda long." "They spoke like some of them do." Are you hearing how stupid these thoughts were. Its a good thing I read the post from A Deeper Story. That was my weapon against the doubts. So my memorable night of bad service was actually God shoving me out of my comfortable box and into his will. Not quite how I expected the night to go, but it really isn't about me.

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