Saturday, April 23, 2011

My house

I love my new house!  There are the obvious things, like a master bath, an enormous basement, and a back porch.  But there are also the less obvious things, like a hallway to separate the living room from my son's room, the brick half wall on the carport and the wonderful 1970's wallpaper.  And I'm kinda serious about the wallpaper.  It makes this place homey.  It won't always be here and that is a good thing, but for now, I love it.  I love having a bed time routine to perform in my bathroom.  Laundry and dishes seem to be easier.  Keeping things clean and put away seems easier.  I'm starting to feel like my "wonder woman always getting the chores done on time" mother.
Not quite my style.

This stuff in the Master Bath might stay.  It's kitschy cool.
Ben added a little something.
Love the shelves!

More shelves!

Pretty bushes

New Entertainment center
Still more shelves!!


  1. I love that you love 70's stuff! It makes me happy! I love the colors and textures of the 70's, just as much as my sisters hate it! Thanks for posting the pictures and I am so happy you are a home owner, it's amazing. Congrats to all of you.

  2. Thanks! This post felt a little scattered, so it's good to know someone enjoyed it.