Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blessings: To be or not to be

I watched Ben running around the yard, tripping in a hole, and throwing leaves around and I thought, "I am so lucky."  Then I thought of this post I read this week and this one from a few months ago.  I think, "How can anyone not know how special times like this are?"  I know being a parent is hard, but how could someone allow any child of theirs to get to this point.  It breaks my heart.  Maybe you are like me and it breaks your heart to.  You can go here or here and do something to make it better.

I was reading books to Ben tonight.  He was cuddled up on my lap (sometimes climbing all over it).  I had my cheek against his hair reading to him and hearing him repeat parts of it.  I get choked up thinking about it because there are so many kids that don't get that.  They go to bed hungry.  They go to bed without getting a hug or a kiss.  They go to bed cold.  They go to bed sick with no hope of medicine.  These kids live all over the world, including here in the United States.  When these little ones grow up, they become users or pushers.  They become the dregs of society.  We look down on them and think how much better we would all be without them. Somewhere between toddler and teen something changes.  I teach in middle school and I like to think I'm making a difference.  I'm showing kids they can go to college.  They don't have to take the 'easy' way out.  I'm trying to show them someone loves them.  Some days that just doesn't feel like enough.  Some days it isn't enough.  Some days we fail and they become the dregs of society.  And I think I knew them when.

Sorry for the depressing tone tonight, I just have some stuff hanging heavy on my heart.


  1. I understand! Thanks for sharing! You do make a difference to both the kids and the teachers! Thanks for EVERYTHING you do!