Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweet Tea

 In my efforts to be healthier, I try to only drink sweet tea when we go out to eat.  (I believe in teeny tiny baby steps!)  Since I only drink this when we go out, I have tasted sweet tea from many different places.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.  Mostly I am not.  There are many times I think, "Ugh, this isn't sweet tea."  I even said to Drew this weekend, "We are in the South.  Don't try to fool us."  In my experience, Bojangles and McDonalds get it right.  There are some others who aren't bad and another tier of those who are just shouldn't try.

An aside here for those who may not be aware of Southern sweet tea.  It is not like Midwestern sweet tea.  Midwestern sweet tea isn't really sweet.  It's just barely unsweet.  Southern sweet tea has more sweet than tea.  So when a business is in the South and says they offer sweet tea, they better know what they are talking about.

After some more thinking about this sweet tea dilemma and it occurred to me that some places out there fake their Southern style sweet tea.  They may call it that, but it isn't really that.  Church on Sunday brought this idea back to me in a different way.  There was an amazing sermon calling us to search ourselves, find our sin, and repent.  For me, it didn't take much searching.  There are times I fake it because I haven't been reading my Bible and praying like I should.  You're thinking none of us do that like we should.  Well, God has been telling me quite a lot about my inconsistencies.  The prayer and Bible reading are our ways to develop our relationship with God.  I haven't been doing that, so when I am called upon to pass along something, (a word of encouragement, a bit of wisdom, to 'lend' someone my faith, etc.) I can't do that.  I have to fake it because I haven't been prepared.  So I need to prepare myself better.

Sunday night didn't go so well, which would seem to indicate that Monday morning might not work so well.  However, God helped me up out of bed and we did it.  This morning, I was late to work because I slept in.  So I didn't get that morning quiet time.  That bothered me all day long.  I have taken a little bit of time tonight and I'm going to try to take some more when Ben goes to sleep.  Hopefully, tomorrow morning I can get back to my morning quiet time.  No more faking it.  No more fake sweet tea.  Just the real stuff for my tea and for my Lord.


  1. Ive never really liked sweet tea that much. I know odd for someone from the south to not like sweet tea;but i just dont think it tastes that great. I will admit McDonalds has some pretty good sweet tea i still dont love it but its actually okay. but on a different note ive never thought about it like that no more fake sweet tea used in real life situations not just in the drink.

  2. Quite often my posts revolve around things that I say and then God brings them back to me. I guess that's a good thing.