Saturday, March 26, 2011

Psalm 37:4 : Houses

"Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart."

My experiences with this verse seem to be very dependent on the first part. When I am where I am supposed to be with God and doing what he wants me to do, then he unexpectedly gives me something I didn't really know I was wishing for. The first time it was a husband and that has worked out pretty good. :)

The second time is the house we are getting ready to move into. Six weeks ago or so, Drew and I started talking about looking for a house to buy. The one we are in just doesn't fit for us, so we made a list. Then we decided to wait until summer to pay off some bills and get first time buyer status again. Hours after we decided this, we saw this house for sale. We looked it up on the internet. It was lower than we expected and from our list of 15 things, it had 14. Only a garbage disposal is missing. We looked at it, but we weren't sure about making a bid. I decided to pray about it on my way to work one day, about a 15 minute drive. Only a few minutes into the drive, God quite clearly told me, "Why not? You deserve a nice place to live." Drew got a similar message, so we made a bid on it. As a part of our bid we put in closing costs and a home warranty. The sellers agreed to both and raised the bid a little. We took it.

Of course in this process we were looking for a loan. Our agent suggested a loan officer and this woman was wonderful! I would totally recommend her if you are around here and looking. She called me from her house on her personal time more than once to get or verify information. Amazing! And the loan we got was wonderful as well. God just kept looking out for us. The paperwork we needed was easily found. We got our taxes done earlier than we ever have before which made the loan process go smoother. Our real estate agent was always available to talk to us and to talk for us. While we were looking at the home both times, the owners were there. It was odd, but our agent really spoke up for us and asked the questions we had. What amazed me was the way she asked them. It wasn't like a "they want to know so I'm asking". It sounded like a question of professional concern.

As the process moved forward, we realized more and more how perfect this house is and how much better God knows us than we do. Here is a list of a few things I am looking forward to:

we get private space
I can eat breakfast in the morning
We get to pick colors for shutters, doors, and walls
I get shelving and closets galore
I get bookcase for dining room
we get a great neighborhood
the neighbors excited to have us
There are only minor problems to fix
I get a screened in porch
I get SOOO much cabinet space
Drew and I get a master bathroom

I could go on, but I won't. At closing a few amazing things happened. We got money back at closing. The lawyer said it's a good deal and was great to work with. He had a sense of humor and his hometown was very near Drew's. And our real estate agent even said it was smooth.

It has not been an easy road to get here. As we put aside our plans and picked up God's plans, we enjoyed the trip more and we got the desires of our heart even when we didn't feel like we deserved them. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us in this new place.

Are you delighting in the Lord? If not, lay aside yourself and start picking up the Lord's plans and desires. You will not regret it. He promises!

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