Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh what a night...or week

Some weeks are harder than others and this was a hard week.  Last week we took Ben to the doctor and he had a bacterial infection, so we had antibiotics.  We gave him those over the weekend and he didn't get better.  Monday we were back at the doctors.  He gave us stronger antibiotics and said Ben had an asthmatic reaction to the infection.  So we got a nebulizer as well.  We had to get chest Xrays and then wait forever on the medicine.  Monday was one of the hardest days we have had in a while.  I did not teach at CVCC this week, so I could be home to help with the treatments.  Day 1 of treatments wasn't too great.  Daddy spilled most of the medicine on the first one.  The second one he wiggled and screamed and cried.  So on Tuesday after a hard Monday, I was tired and really starting to wonder about how to make it through the week.  We had 2 more days of treatments, another appointment on Friday, and then a house closing to do.  Sometime we would need to pack and actually move to said house.  How are we going to fit that in if Ben is still sick and needing treatments, and what if the treatments don't get better, and so on and so forth.

So with all of this going through my head, I stopped (or probably God told me to) and started to look at the little things.  So here are the 10 good things that happened Tuesday night in no particular order:
1. Ben picked up Daddy's headphones and tried to put them in his ears.
2. He was playing lightly with one of his drumsticks on the TV.  I told him no.  He kept doing it.  I walked over to him.  He turned around and handed it to me with a big smile.  I worked really hard on not smiling back.
3.  He loves climbing in and out of the bathtub while he holds my hand, which is cute.  And when I washed his hair I got to give him a little do.

4. He helped me clean the kitchen.  He 'mopped' it.

5. I love watching him sit in his little rocking chair and rock.  For some reason he insists on sitting in the kitchen and rocking.
6. He laid down beside Abbey on her bed.  I'm not sure she was too excited, but it was cute to see.
7. His 3rd treatment went really well.  Drew and I got to sit down together and sing songs and talk to him while it was going on.  A little family bonding time is always a good thing.
8. His dinner consisted of chicken (I picked) and Marshmallow Mateys (he picked).  Later when Drew and I ate, he wanted applesauce and cheese.
(No, he didn't eat all that food.  The dog had a real good dinner too.)  

9. He said 'hi' and 'funny'.  I don't have voice files for it, but trust me.  It is really cute.
10. When we said our prayers, he repeated Katie(our missionary friend) and Bonnie (one of my pregnant friends.)  I love knowing he is listening while we are praying before bed.  Incidentally, Katie is a new favorite word.

The week didn't necessarily get better because he slept really poorly and we all were SUPER exhausted, but my attitude was better.  Now it is Friday and we have survived.  We are home owners and he got a clean bill of health from the doctor.  Give thanks to the Lord.

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