Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Something else I've been wondering.  Should I be changing this blog?  Is it okay that I'm just writing about random things that cross my mind?  Should it be more focused on my family life or is that a little self centered?  Should it be more about God?  I mean I have another one for Bible Study things and I do mention God when it seems appropriate on this one.  I could talk about Ben counting to 20, with help, or saying "XYZ now I know my ABC's."  (It comes out Now ah nee cee)  I could talk about giving Ben 3 time outs tonight and him protesting over the books I chose to read him.  But is that interesting and meaningful blog reading?

The other blog is a little more time consuming, but I like the challenge of looking up Scripture and interpreting it, making it mean something right here and now.  Sometimes, I am better than others about that, but that is my goal.  Something that will make the reader think and hopefully help them grow in their faith.  But that one isn't really personal.  Is that okay?  Should that one contain more personal anecdotes?  Is it too plain?  Shouldn't blogs be interesting and challenging both?

Basically, am I doing this the right way?

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  1. No, you're not.. none of this is on Wordpress so I can subscribe to it, but I will happily link to it, and hope my cell phone tells me when I have news from your land. Keeping two blogs is a challenge, but I love reading this one. The other one, I don't always make the time to get to it, because as much as I like the reading, sometimes it's not personal enough, it doesn't relate to anything. I think that's what I learned during this habit - just spitting out the Bible doesn't grow me or anyone else as a Christian, but examining how it touches your life, well, people like that a lot. You have a brilliant mind, and are so wonderful at expressing yourself. Maybe try having three parts or two parts to your blog and placing both aspects of yourself into one place.