Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dental Health

Bedtime routines are an important part of a child's day (and the parent's day too).  Ben's bedtime routine is fairly simple, brush his teeth, read some books, and go to sleep.  Going to sleep sometimes involve walking, sometimes involves rocking, and sometimes I just put him in bed.  Ben's favorite part of the bedtime routine is hands down brushing his teeth.  He would brush his teeth every time he's in the bathroom if we would let him.  And of course since he is Ben, there are very set ways that it is supposed to be done.  At night when I ask him if he wants to brush his teeth, he takes my hand and runs to the bathroom.  Then he has to be put up on the counter, so he can watch himself.  Last night I tried to put him on his step stool, but he couldn't see in the mirror, so that didn't work.  I hand him his toothbrush with toothpaste and he sucks the toothpaste off.  I brush my teeth at the same time and when I start brushing mine he starts moving the toothbrush around in his mouth.  While we are brushing, he puts his head up against mine and knocks on the mirror.  He puts his head up against mine because I had done that several times when we first started brushing our teeth.  When he spent the night with Nana one time, she knocked on the mirror and let him.  He thought it was fabulous, so he started doing that.  When I'm done, I spit in the sink, clear my mouth with water, and then take a sip.  I noticed Ben spit or try to spit in the sink for the first time yesterday.  A couple weeks ago, he started to lean in when I took my sip, so I started giving him a sip as well.  Of course even with the tiniest sip, he spills some on himself.  So after his sip, he's done brushing his teeth and he turns out the lights.  We go to his room and start the next part of our bedtime routine.
You know, I think brushing his teeth might be my favorite part of the routine as well.


  1. haha isnt that always how it is? i swear! brianna and seth both used to LOVE to brush their teath and would do it and just brush and brush and brush and brush till we literally had to yank the tooth brush out of their mouths. well its not as fun as you make it to seem to be with ben but its still pretty funny how kids like to act all grown up brushing teeth but it turns out when you do grow up like us you just think its a horrible drag to have to brush your teeth every day haha

  2. I try to brush my teeth with Ben, so I remember to do it! It seems so easy to forget.