Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christian music

Sometimes I listen to The Message on Sirius satellite radio while I'm in my car and there are a few songs they play on a regular basis, so I seem to hear them a lot. And when I was listening to a couple, I thought what a shame it is that these a relegated to just the "Christian" station. They really have messages that everyone is needs to hear. Check out a few of them.

Johnny Diaz - More Beautiful You

Casting Crowns - Set Me Free

Matt Maher - Alive Again

Tenth Avenue North - You are more

I'm wondering if there is a way we can't use these songs and others like them to witness to people. The words of these songs speak directly to the fears, the doubts, and the pain that people out there are carrying with them every day. What I keep coming back to is how do I use this to give hope to others? I don't have any answers to this, but it seems like a really important question. Do you guys have any ideas?


  1. Whenever I do videos I'll be showing lots of people, I always try to use Christian music first (if it's relevant which it usually is). Then, a lot of times, people ask me who that was and it usually leads to a pretty good conversation.

  2. I love several of these songs, and I LOVE it when I hear them in places I wouldn't expect, like last night, in the casino buffet!

  3. My local radio station has a 30-day challenge, and it was the thing that changed my heart. I don't know how I found the station or anything, but it brought me back to God and I am thankful.