Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Favorite Things

A few of my favorite verses with a little background.

Exodus 14:14 - I first found this verse when I was reading through the Bible the first and only time.  I was in high school and for no particular reason, this one stayed with me.  I suppose there was some comfort in it because He would take care of me, but there was also some responsibility on my part.  Stop trying so hard!  Just keep still and stop trying to fix it all yourself.  That's kind of a big deal for me.  I like to fix the problem and to fix it right away.  Maybe that isn't always the best idea.

Jeremiah 29:11 - I found this one my senior year of high school.  What great timing huh?  God is pretty cool that way.  It was very comforting to know that I was going to be okay.  My future was not in my control.  Thank goodness!  My success did not depend on me.  I just had to follow after to him to get to my success.

Psalms 37:4 - This one came to me in college.  I can be a bit stubborn at times and toward the end of my college years, God told me Drew would be my husband.  I was pretty skeptical and took the "yeah right" opinion.  That very night that I was doubting a friend was writing in her journal and this verse was on the page.  She said, "I think this verse is for you." and read it to me.  And it was.  I took God at his word.  He would provide me with the desires of my heart, a husband who I loved and was great friends with.  Someone who I could laugh with and cry with.  Someone to really share my life.  He did give me that and I am forever thankful and in awe of the blessings I get everyday that I don't deserve.

Isaiah 49:14-16 - I think this one was in college as well.  I attended Sunday evening services irregularly back then and I almost decided not to go to this one.  But something told me I should even if I was a little late.  So I did.  I sat in the back while an evangelist spoke.  He had an altar call and I was still sitting in the back.  He called me and two other girls up front and said he had a word just especially for us.  These verses was that word.  I didn't even know I was feeling alone and abandoned.  But as soon as he said those words, I knew I was feeling exactly like Zion.  And God spoke directly to me and let me know, I was not forgotten.  I was not abandoned.  I was right there with him the whole time.

Isaiah 40:31- This one is the most recent verse.  I was pregnant with Ben and I was determined I wouldn't need drugs.  A friend of mine recommended me to look up verses on strength and have them with me.  I looked up several and while I was in the hospital, I read back over them.  There were a couple that stood out at the time.  When I was in the middle of labor, this is the one I remembered.  I couldn't even remember the whole thing.  I just remembered "they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary."  I repeated that part over and over to myself and I gave birth to an 8lb 13oz baby boy without drugs.  Maybe more incredibly in this story, I don't remember the pain of labor.  All I remember is this verse and a few other things that people were telling me.

These are the verses that have spoken to me and touched my life.  I guess you could say these are the verses that tell the story of my life.  What verses tell your story?

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  1. Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my all time favorite verses. I love to remeber that verse when I am having a challenging day. I love knowing God has control over everything in my life! -jordan