Thursday, December 2, 2010

From the South

I thought I would share a few observations I have noticed about myself recently.

You know you're becoming Southern when...

1.  Sweet Tea at 8 am sounds like a good idea.

2.  Sweet Tea involves as much Sweet as it does Tea

3.  You call your  purse a 'pocketbook'

4.  Grits are good.

5.  You think you really do need bread and milk when it snows.

6.  You think college sports really are the best.

7.  Going to a yard sale at 7am on Saturday sounds like fun.  (Maybe that's just Catawba County?)

8.  You use the phrase 'bless her heart" in conversation.

Okay, so I just threw the last few.  I can't say that I actually do those, but it sounded good.  However, I have noticed how attached I have become to sweet tea and then the other day I called my purse a pocketbook.  And I thought, "Whoa, that was weird."  Also I recently began to discover the wonder that are grits.

I was hoping to come up with 10 because that sounded like a good round number.  Unfortunately, I'm stuck at 8.  So anything you think I missed?


  1. A few more I thought of from my experiences:

    - You notice your goodbyes taking longer and longer.
    (Seriously, there is nothing in the rest of the free world like the 30-minute Southern goodbye!)

    - Maybe this is just a guy thing, but saying "a man" when talking about something in place of "you" or "somebody." Example - "Ya know, a man could take that car, throw a paint job and set of wheels on it, and make a killin'!"

    - You're finding yourself never more than one or two people removed from a NASCAR driver, team member, or someone involved with the sport in any way. (That could be a Carolina thing more than a southern thing, though)

  2. Oh my, i cant even count how many times ive heard bless her heart in a conversation. But you may even find your self saying Yall im pretty sure that that word is people from the souths favorite word.

  3. Haha I agreee with the y'all one that was gonna be what I said. Also when you know people with chickens and you see cows on your daily drive to school. - jordan

  4. haha this is all so true. i've never been a fan of NASCAR though and i would considering loving Paula Deen's cooking as pretty southern as well

  5. Well bless y'alls little hearts for thinking of Paula Deen and the animals. ;)