Monday, November 1, 2010

Luke 5:1-11 Jesus Calling

In this passage, we see Jesus calling his first disciples after a miraculous catch of fish.  In many ways, this may be a story we have heard many times.  We might marvel at the catch of fish.  We might focus in on the words, "fisher of men".  We might even find it amazing that Simon and the others just followed.  While all of these things are good to notice, there is still so much more in this passage. 
A few other things to notice:

1. Simon allowed his boat to be used by Jesus when it was needed.  Are we making our boats, houses, cars, money, talents, time, etc. available to Jesus when they are needed?

2.  He was a professional fisherman, but he put aside his pride to listened to Jesus when he asked him to do something radical.  He followed through and was rewarded with an enormous catch of fish.  What radical thing is Jesus asking us to do?  Maybe we need to talk to that family member about Christ.  Maybe we need to get up earlier in the morning to spend more time with him.  Maybe we need to turn off the TV/cell phone/computer a little more often and spend time with Him/our families/our friends.  Maybe he's calling you to go back to school.  Maybe he's calling you to join a ministry at church.  Maybe he's calling you to start a ministry at church.  The list could go on and on.  What rewards are waiting for us when we follow obediently?

3.  Peter's immediate response was one of humility.  He recognized he was not worthy of the blessing Jesus had bestowed upon him.  Way down deep in our hearts, are we really that humble?  Do we think we are worthy of those blessings?  I wish I could say I was this humble.  I think I often take his divinity for granted.  He is the God of the Universe.  Why do I deserve anything he has given me?

4.  Jesus' repsonse to Simon's humility was to call him into a totally new direction.  I think Simon Peter could safely say he never expected that for his life and he wouldn't have traded that life for anything either.  Do we get a little "homesick" for our old life?  Do we look back at what might have been?  Or are we pulling our boats to shore, leaving everything, and following him?  For Peter, it was all worth it.

Where do you find yourself in this story?  How are you going to move to the next level?  Let's not leave this as a nice story about Peter.  Make this story personal.  Find yourself in this story and move forward. 

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