Monday, November 22, 2010

Long Weekend

We haven't had a free weekend in awhile.  We finally had a free weekend and we made some plans.  We hung out with some friends Friday and Sat. night.  Saturday during the day we planned to put up Christmas decorations, vaccuum the house, go to the dump, do the recycling, mop the floor, sort Ben's old toys and get rid of some, and those other fun adult things.  We also planned to take Ben to his gym class for the first time this month.  Friday night we couldn't go to the restaurant we planned, but there was another one close by, so that was okay.  Ben did wonderful and sat/stood between us and played great during the movie.  The two poopy diapers from the sweet tea he drank weren't great.  (We didn't want to give him tea, but he didn't scream during dinner that way.  We did switch him to water.) 

Saturday during the day was nothing like we planned.  It started out so good.  Ben slept in and I got to get on Facebook and play around a little bit.  We got ready and took him to gym class only to find there was a meet and there was no class.  I didn't actucally go in.  When I couldn't park, I figured there was no class.  We went home slightly disappointed, but I figured we could go to the mall to play.  So Drew mowed over the leaves after jump starting the lawn mower.  (Yes, the lawn mower battery was dead.)  We went to the mall, had lunch, and took Ben to the play center.  He loved it of course and was well behaved.  They even had the first "snow" of the year with soap suds.  It was super cute!  Then visted PawPaw and dropped him off with Nana for a nap and some play time while we cleaned and decorated.  Drew got a pleasant and unexpected phone call from our landlord saying they were taking $200 off our rent this month because we were good renters.  Yay! (Tithing really does pay off.)  They asked if everything was good with the house and we said yes.

Then we got home and went to the basement.  There we discovered it was raining.   Well Drew discovered this, came upstairs and told me not to freak out.  So of course, I was ready to freak out.  One of the pipes was shooting out water.  We called the landlord and she sent someone right over.  Drew tied a rag around it and we started moving boxes.  The freaking out didn't really come.  We just got to work.  I started sorting and thorwing away while Drew and the landlord's dad thought of ways to fix it.  Some boxes of things I looked at and had no problem tossing them out.  And some boxes I looked at were miraculously dry or dry enough to save.  Those were the important things.  I say miraculously on purpose.  God is in the miracle business and he performed one on Saturday.  Neither Drew nor I freaked out and the important stuff was saved.  What's more impressive, Drew and I had been saying for a couple months that we needed to get down there and toss stuff out.  God had been preparing us for it even though we didn't know it.

Sunday was realtively normal.  Thankfully!  I even had time to sort through Ben's toys.  Wed. I'm off and now that will be a busy day with Christmas pictures, Christmas shopping, getting blood drawn, cleaning the house, going to the dump, and Christmas decorating.  That's a good kind of busy though.  Isn't it amazing how God works even we don't know he is working?  Praise God for the long weekend that we had!

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