Monday, November 1, 2010


I have seen several Facebook statuses and a few blogs about Halloween and Christianity.  Some very anti-Halloween, some in the middle, and some "taking back" the holiday with a Fall Festival.  Maybe this is just me and I could be all wrong, but our intent towards the holiday seems to be more important than the origins of the holiday.  We all know the origins of Halloween are pagan and a little bit of Catholicism thrown in there for good measure.  I don't think what it was matters as much as what it is.  Today it is a festive holiday where kids get to play dress up, visit neighbors, and eat candy.  Of course this is not all that goes on at Halloween, but by and large this is the holiday.  Is this in and of itself bad?  I don't think so.  Ben participated in the Fall Festival at church and the Trunk or Treat.  He loved running around and visiting with people and kids from church.  Our intent was for him to eat candy, run around, and look cute.  He did.  We were also able to visit with a lot of people in the community in an non-threatening, non-intrusive way.  We gave their kids candy, complimented them on how cute they were, and spoke to them about our church.  My God is big enough to be able to use anything as a way to honor him and show his love.  That is what we were hoping to show with our participation in the Fall Festival and the Trunk or Treat.  If we had hired a psychic to predict the future of the children and talk to departed relatives, that might have been cause for concern.  But playing some games (fishing for ducks, find the pumpkin in the haystack, bean bag toss at a pumpkin), getting some candy, and playing dress up don't seem to be a cause for concern to me.  Let's not worry so much about what we call it and worry more about why we are doing it.

Just my 2 cents for the day.

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  1. I agree i think halloween is just a time for fun and to eat candy. but i know someone who wont allow their kids to dress up for halloween because they think that if you dress up for halloween that your basically worshipping the devil and celebrating him. I dont know it might just be me but i think they just let there imagination run wild and it got the best of them. Its just supossed to be a fun time for kids and adults.