Monday, October 25, 2010

The cost of following. Luke 9:51, 57-62

Starting in 9:51 we notice that Jesus "resolutely" sets out for Jerusalem.  He knows what lies ahead of him (the cross) and sets out anyway.  He doesn't do it grudgingly either.  He resolutely sets out.  He has made up his mind and he is going to do what he has been called to do.  Thinking of that we can see a little bit of why Jesus reacts as he does in the next passage.

9:57-58 Isn't it amazing to think that the Savior of the world was a homeless man?  The man says he will follow and Jesus calls him on it.  Can you really do that?  Jesus may call us to follow him to crazy places, but the point is that we are called to follow him.  He goes there first and he is with us as we are going.  Are you prepared to really follow Jesus?  Where is he calling you to go?  Can you go with him?

9:59-60  This one seems a little unusual because Jesus calls this man and then reprimands him that he is not ready.  Some scholars think this man's father had just died and others think he was on his deathbed.  Either way, he had a familial duty to perform.  Jesus tells him there are more important things than familial duty.  That is to preach the gospel.  We can't let anything stand in our way of what we have been called to do.  What are you being called to do?  What is standing in your way?  What are you going to do about it?

9:61-62 The third man puts a stipulation on it.  I will follow when I have this other stuff finished.  There is an immediacy to the Gospel.  It is not something that can wait until everything esle is fixed up okay.  It is something that needs to be preached right now.  If you wait until, everything else is settled the way you want it, you will never be ready.  God is calling you to something right now.  What is it?  What stipulations are you putting on your obedience? 

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