Monday, September 27, 2010

When the day sucks...

As Christians how often do we hear that we are to be different, that our response to a crisis will let people know who we are.  Well today was a rough one, okay the last week or so has been a rough one, and what was my response?  Mostly complaining.  I'm still not totally happy about the situation and feel more than a little overwhelmed with what I am being asked to do.  Well more accurately told to do.  We often hear that we are to go to God first and tell him how we feel.  I must admit, I suck at this!!!  God is often not the first person I turn to.  Most days he is somewhere around 10 or so on the list.  When things are going well, I think I can do this.  I can go to God first, or at least move him up to the top 5, and then a rough day comes and he's back down to 10 on the list.

And as many times as I mess this up, the Lord still blesses me with wonderful people who gently and sometimes unconsciously remind me of who he is.  Thank God for putting those people there at the right time to keep me trying to do better.  His love and patience truly is amazing.  If he does all this and so much more for me, why am I striving for anything less than my best for him?

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