Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My new discovery

This discovery started in the summer when I was visiting my family.  However, I didn't really understand the magnificence of it all until last week or the week before.  What is this wonderful thing that I discovered?  Pesto sauce!

This summer my parents had some of the pesto sauce my uncle makes.  It was good, but somehow it didn't click about how good it was.  My husband fixed some Farfalle with Pesto sauce last week.  Very plain dish, no meat, no fancies.  Just pasta and sauce.  It filled me up, tasted wonderful, and it really only took a little bit of sauce and pasta.  I guess that is the thing that I really noticed.  I doubted the wonder of pesto before because it came in a small jar.  I have discovered that it was in a small jar because only a little is needed for maximum flavor.  Drew made some last night and used some from the jar last week.  And there is still some left for another meal.  How wonderful, tasty and cheap!

Pesto sauce is an amazing thing.  Try some this week, you may discover a new wonder in your life.

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