Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make the calories count

This weekend I finished reading a book entitled, Thin is the New Happy.  A very good book about a woman trying to overcome her obsession with dieting and those last 10 pounds.  Sometimes it was more than that she was battling, but overall those last 10 pounds.  Like probably every woman who ever lived, I do worry every so often about my weight, so the book spoke to me.  By the end of the book what she learned was that she had spent so much time stressing about every calorie she ate or didn't eat that she had lost significant time with family and friends.  So she stopped counting calories, she ate what she wanted, stopped when she was full, and worked out on a regular basis.  When she went on vacation, she ate what she wanted and didn't stress about the calories or whatever.  By the end of vacation she was excited to get back home and get back to her eating routine and her exercise routine.  She didn't feel tied to it.  She had fallen into a healthy routine and so did her body.  She had become the size she was always struggling to attain and maintain naturally.  Studies have shown that we are genetically programed to be a certain size.  She believed that and lo and behold, her body fell into a size that was natural to her.

All of this seemed to confirm what I already believe.  Basically what I believe is that we should make the calories count.  Don't eat it just because it is there.  Don't eat it because you don't want to throw it out.  Don't eat it to be polite.  Etc.  Etc.  Eat it because you enjoy that food and you want that food.  Stop when you are done and eat when you are hungry.  Don't waste time, energy, and calories on food that you don't really want.  And not just food, drinks too.  I don't drink much soda.  Maybe 1 a week.  Those are calories that are wasted to me.  I don't really enjoy them, so I drink water instead.  I genuinely like drinking cold water.  I do LOVE sweet tea, but I only drink it when we are out somewhere.  I am lazy and don't want to take the time to make it.  I have one cup of coffee some days a week.  In the winter, I'll probably have a latte or cappucino every so often.  And when I do, I will enjoy them.  However, I don't have one every day because I don't want to waste my daily calories on something I drink.

I like food, so that's what I want to spend calories on.  Most breakfasts, I have a high fiber, high protein cereal to keep me full until I can eat lunch at 1.  At lunch I have a lean pocket or yogurt with fruit.  I try to eat a healthy snack after school and I eat whatever I want for dinner.  I try to spend most of my calories on dinner because that is where I enjoy food the most.  On the weekends, sometimes we'll go out for a big breakfast.  I LOVE a big country breakfast, but I can't fix one on a daily basis, so that is a treat every so often.

I also like running on my treadmill.  I do not do this like I should, but I'm hoping when life calms down a little and I'm not working 12 hour days, then I'll be able to find time to do that again.  I'm also hoping Ben is getting to the age where he won't want to be running with me.  It is a goal that I have for myself to get back to running.

I am not perfect, but I don't stress about the calories I'm eating or drinking.  I love eating, but even more I love the company and the occasions that I am eating.  That is the important part and I don't want waste my  calories on food that I don't want to eat.  I also don't want to waste my time stressing about these things.  I do need to lose some weight and I'm making changes to try to stick as closely as I can to my food beliefs.  I am realistic that it won't happen over night.  Hopefully in a couple months, I have lost a few pounds and over time these changes will help me lose some of this and get back to the normal size that my body is.  So happy eating and make those calories count!


  1. As always, a good read! (Men obsess about their weight, too)

  2. Thanks for compliment. It's good to know men obsess about these things too. :)