Monday, September 13, 2010

Distractions Hebrews 2:1-4

A little background and then we're going to start with 4 and work our way back to 1. 

The author of Hebrews is writing to a generation or two removed from those who walked with Jesus.  These are people who have only heard stories of Jesus and his work, a lot like us.

Verse 4:
In tough times and times when we feel distant from God, let us not forget what we have already seen of God.  Let us not forget how he has worked in our lives and the lives of those around us.  I'm sure we all have stories of how he has performed miracles in our lives.  Those are the stories we need to be sharing with others. 

Also it mentions, "gifts of the Spirit according to his will."  The gifts he has given us should also be a testimony to others about who he is.  We are all talented with different things and have different hobbies.  Are we using those for God and his glory?  Are we using them to the fullest extent for the kingdom?  If not, what is keeping us back.  Is it fear of a crazy idea?  There are organizations who are bikers and Christians.  There are hunters who are also Christians. (  Etc., etc.  Don't let fear keep you from doing for God.  Is it that you don't want to give everything to God?  Do you not think he can use it or do you not want him to use it?  Who are you not reaching because you won't give him everything?

Verse 2 and 3:
Let's remember what Jesus has done for us.  We are no longer sacrificing animals to cover for our sin.  Jesus did that for us.  He covered it all.  He suffered and died to get us to him and to get us there easier.  The old Law of Moses was binding and those punishments should be ours.  Jesus saved us from that.  Are we living like it?  Do we realize the grace that has been extended to us?  Are we sharing this with others?

Verse 1:
" we will not drift away."  And here is the point of all of it.  Jesus did all of that for us and we should be giving our all to him.  Why don't we?  DISTRACTIONS.  How do we use our time?  Are we distracted by technology, people, worries, etc.?  How do we use our finances?  Are we tithing and giving like we should?  Are we being wasteful and therefore not giving God the control over our finances?  Are our finances a distraction?  Do we worry so much about them that we aren't concentrating on God and what he wants us to be doing?  I could go on and on about potential distractions.  Not all of them are bad, but when they come before God there's a problem.  We need be conscious of what we are doing and why we are doing it.  What are we thinking about and putting effort into?  Is that where God wants us to be?  Even "good" activities or "church" activities can become a distraction when it comes before God.  Our families can be a distraction when they are interfering with our time with God.  What are the distractions in your life?  What are you doing about them?

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