Monday, August 16, 2010

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Daniel 3:8-30

Background:  Nebuchadnezzer built a 90 ft. statue of himself of gold and demanded that people worship it when the music began.  Those that didn't were thrown into the furnace.  90 ft. is nearly the size of the Statue of Liberty.  When the music began, the 3 Israelite boys did not bow to the statue.

Someone told on them and they were brought before the king.  He gave them another shot to bow down.  They said no.  They went on to say that our God is big enough to deliver us from your furnace and even if he doesn't, we're still with him.  What an amazing faith that took from them!  Would we be able and willing to stand up to someone like that?  He was the king and threatening them with death.  They stood by God.  How often do we let God down in much smaller matters?  When we are tempted to say no, to doubt, to back down from our standards, let's remember these boys and the faith they showed.

King Neb became furious at this and ordered the furnace seven times hotter than usual.  It was so hot the soldiers that took them up there died because of the heat.  Isn't it amazing that the 3 boys made it to the furnace?  Isn't it a further testament to God that the boys made it into the furnace?  It would have been impressive if they hadn't died when the soldiers did and they got out of it then.  But God pushed it to the limit and their faith held strong.  Maybe God does that to us sometimes.  We get up to the fire and we're still strong when others are fainting away.  But that's not it, God pushes it farther because he knows we can take it and the miracle will be bigger because our faith allows him to work in bigger ways.  Let's shoot for that kind of faith.

King Neb next notices that there are 4 men walking around the furnace and says one of them looks like "the son of the gods."  Some say it was an angel and some say it is a pre-incarnate Jesus walking around with the 3 boys, either way it was an incredible heavenly being that even King Neb realized was important and impressive.  When God shows up, even those without faith take notice.

King Neb calls them out and there is no damage to them, their clothing, their hair, etc.  No damage after being in that fire!  Not even a smell of smoke on them.  Once again, do we have a faith to stand in the fire and know we will come out unharmed?  God really did these things with these boys/men!  This really happened, so why do we wonder if God can do something for us?

King Neb ends saying, "Don't dis their God or else."  Now he isn't saying he believes, he just recognizes what this god has done, so he's the new big guy on the block.  Be careful that we aren't just putting God on some list, but that we are making him the only one on that list.

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  1. Many times we ask how am I going to get out of this situation and God is not an option. However, God says "ask and ye shall receive..." meaning God will provide us what we need.
    Come to God first and you will never need a second option!