Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great long weekend!

We finally got to go back and visit my family in IL for a long weekend.  While I could write a long blog detailing everything we did I think I'll just list some highlights.

In no particular order...
1.  I learned Ben loves baked beans.  He ate them when we went out to eat with a friend, Teressa, and at the 4th celebration.
2.  Ben got a Fredbird stuffed animal and a new Cardinals shirt.
3.  Drew got ice cream in helmet.
4.  We got have a cook out at my brother's house before the game.
5.  Ben also loves meatballs, at least the ones Grandpa made.
6   Ben played with Asia, my grandparent's dog, and Kodiak, my brother's dog.
7.  We heard a great sermon and a great celebration of the military at First UMC in Fairfield.  We even got to visit a little bit.
8.  Ben got to feed some ducks and himself.  He didn't quite get the concept of throwing the bread.  : )
9.  Ben got to meet some cousins for the first time and he got to play with lots of kids.  He even kinda played with a couple of them instead of by himself.
10. I got to visit with LOTS of family and friends that I hadn't seen in a while.
11. I got to have some great conversations with my parents just about random stuff, but it was a good time.
12. I learned how to play a new game, Cornhole.  It's a bean bag toss game.  Drew is up like 4 games to 0 on my dad.
13.  I got to meet the new man in a friend's life and hang out some without children.  That was awesome.
14.  I rode in a Beamer for the first time.  Pretty impressive little car.
15.  I got to see my aunt's new house.

And some low lights....

1.  The car needed a new starter.
2.  The car needed new front tires.
3.  The car needed a new battery.
4.  The Cardinals played some of the worst baseball I have ever seen.  Thank goodness Ben won't remember that.
5.  The drive home was VERY long with several stops.  10 hours with a 1 year old on the road is a rough day!

And finally some pictures...

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