Monday, June 21, 2010

Swimming with Ben

Today was Ben's first swimming lesson at the YMCA.  We were a few minutes late, as per usual.  For some reason, I am always a minute or two late the first time I go anywhere.  I guess I underestimate the travel time.  We were only a minute or two late and they were still going over instructions, so I didn't feel too bad.  Drew tagged along with us to take some photos.

We were working on kicking, blowing bubbles, and splashing.  Ben was a natural!  He stuck his feet out behind him and floated mostly.  He eventually did kick his feet.  It was mostly underwater, but a few times he did kick them above water.  He put his face in the water several times.  It was to try to swallow some water and then when he did he coughed and got a little freaked out.  He did try to blow bubbles once or twice.  I sat him on the side and he splashed, then I got him back in the water and he splashed a little more.  He didn't really understand splashing in the deep water, but when we were up next to the wall he splashed pretty good.  It was fun and I'm looking forward to Wed.  It was exhausting though.  Carrying 27 pounds around in the water for 30 minutes is quite a work out!  Hopefully, I won't be so wiped out on Wed.

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