Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bedtime routine #547

Well maybe we haven't gone through that many, but we have gone through a whole bunch.  Walking around the house, walking in his bedroom, rocking while reading stories, rocking without reading stories, modified cry it out, full on cry it out, listening to music, singing, rubbing his back, having a bottle, having a sippy cup, no sippy cup, and various combinations of all of the above.  So after all this, I am convinced that my son is one of the hardest people on earth to get to sleep.  And if that is my only complaint, then I don't have much to complain about.  Now with all that being said, you understand reason for the title.

We have finally found a routine that I am enjoying and I hope sticks around for awhile.  Previous ones have only lasted for a few months.  It starts when he gets his sippy cup of milk and we rock while he drinks that.  After his milk, he gets his gas medicine, Zantac.  Then we go brush his teeth.  When we are done with that, I put him in his crib and I read him a story.  Most of the time, when I'm done with that he takes the book and flips through it in his crib.  When he's done 'reading' it, he drops it over the side and we read another one.  We generally read 2 or 3 books a night.  After that he whines a little and reaches toward me.  That's Ben-speak for, I want a back rub.  A couple weeks ago that would calm him down and make him drift right off.  Now he's all excited about it.  He flops down and I cover him with one of his afghans.  I'll rub his back, which does help him pass some of his gas,  and he plays with his afghan.  After a couple minutes of that, he'll sit up and I go sit in the rocker.  He plays in his crib a little more while I rock.  (This is a great time for me to pray.)  Then he'll  lay back down, I'll leave the room and he'll go to sleep.  Of course some nights I fall asleep in the rocking chair beside him, but this is generally what we do.

It is rather involved, but we get to sleep without any screaming.  Of course, every night couldn't be the same.  Like last night, when he screamed for a good 5 or 10 minutes before we realized he wanted to skip the sippy cup and play in his crib.  What I am left wondering is... Does every parent go through all of these different routines or is it just my child that can't decide how he wants to go to bed?

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  1. There is a book I read called "On Becoming Baby Wise" that taught me everything I know on getting my children to soothe themselves to sleep. I started at 2 months old and you allow them to cry for up to 30 minutes, but
    generally they wear out and stop crying after 5 minutes. Both of my kids would only wake once per night for feeding until they hit 9 months or so. It took quite a bit of "tough love" but it sure beats the alternative. We also include jammies and a story before they lay down.