Saturday, May 30, 2009

How life changes...

Ben has had his first couple physical therapy appointments. They have gone well. The physical therapists seem to think he is an easy case. We'll see the plastic surgeon next week. We're really hoping he doesn't need a helmet.
School is almost out and so I have been pretty busy getting in all those final grades and checking attendance, etc.
The big news around here is that yesterday I found out that my contract has not been renewed because of budget cuts. The state of North Carolina is coming up 1 billion dollars short on our budget and at the moment they seem to think massive cuts in the education budget is the answer. Not to mention there is also a hiring freeze. I contend that forcing districts to fire teachers will only over crowd the classrooms and make the situation worse in the future because our children won't have the kind of education necessary to make educated choices about our future. Of course they didn't ask me. I was a little scared at first, but there are a couple translation jobs that I'm going to look into. I think we'll be fine. Mostly I'm sad to have to leave because I really liked that job, my colleagues, and the students. I'm worried for my colleagues and the students and the school system in general. I don't know how long the state will keep them operating this way. It really just short changes the kids. It's already hard enough to be a kid these days and now school is going to get even more difficult. The whole thing is sad. There are also a few private schools around here that I'm going to apply to. I'm sure God has something planned and I'm just believing Jeremiah 29:11. While I don't know what his plan is I do believe it is good. I am hoping it involves teaching and maybe even getting back to HHS at some point. If not, I'm sure I'll learn to love whatever else I may do. I just never imagined myself as much else besides a teacher. I guess that's why God's in charge. He can see as many different things. Keep my family and the education system here in your prayers. Thanks!

It's amazing how much one smile from Ben changes things. While it's scary to be out of a job with a three month old, I know God will provide and part of that provision is Ben smiling. Praise God!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost 3 months

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 3 months since I gave birth. It seems like Ben has been here forever. The last couple weeks he's gone down to just one late night feeding and some nights no late night feedings. He's been spitting up a little more, but he's farting less and his reflux seems better.
A couple weeks ago we took him to the doctor and he has tortacollis (weak neck muscles) and plagiocephaly (flat spot). Tuesday he has his first physical therapy appointment. June 4th he has an appointment with the plastic surgeon. We are already seeing a significant difference in his range of motion and the shape of his head. We're hopeful that he won't need a helmet, but if he does we're okay with that too.
This week he's really started to push himself up with his legs. He's loving those exercises.
He's starting eating a little bit of applesauce and this week he started on bananas. He eats and eats and eats. The applesauce and bananas have been a big hit and he's finally starting to get full for a while. He's growing up so fast! He's at about 16 pounds now. I think he's finally started to slow down with pounds, but this week he's looked a little longer.
A couple Sundays ago we had him dedicated at church. I've included the youtube link to that and some photos. He did wonderful. It was a special ceremony. Last weekend was my first Mother's Day. We had a cookout with Diane, my mother-in-law, and Alex, my brother-in-law. It was great. We got some good photos, but we don't have them loaded yet.
He's also started laughing this week and smiling a lot. I've included a the youtube link to that as well.
He still doesn't sleep much during the day, but he goes to bed really well at night. So we'll take that.
I still have like 3 and half weeks of school left and a few days of workdays. The students are all going nuts, so it's good that Ben is settling down here at home. Laughing Dedication