Saturday, February 7, 2009

39 weeks

I went to the doctor on Thursday and things have been progressing a little. On Thursday, I was 1 and half centimeters dilated, 50% effaced, and Ben was in a -3 position. If I remember right, the -3 position means that he's entering the birth canal, but he's still up there a ways. She also noticed that I had a little bit of a yeast infection.
Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. I lost more of my mucus plug and I have been losing more bit by bit the last several times I've used the restroom. It also seems that I have a blood blister as well. So between that and the mucus plug and the yeast infection, I've got a lot going on and Ben is still tucked inside. I had to call the nurses at the Birthing Center last night about the blood blister, just to be sure it wasn't anything more serious. While on hold, I realized that pregnancy causes you to lose inhibitions about discussing bodily functions. Seeing the different doctors and nurses at the practice that I am attending and then talking with the nurse last night really make it necessary to just open up and tell them everything. I have become much more comfortable telling people everything that's going on. Not just anyone, but those that need to know. I didn't know I would become that comfortable talking to people. Pregnancy brings lots of changes, but this is one that I didn't really see coming. This is all probably more information than you all wanted to know, but as I said pregnancy can cause a loss of inhibitions when discussing health concerns.

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