Saturday, January 10, 2009

35 weeks

So I only have about 5 weeks to go. It's hard to believe that in about a month I'll be giving birth. The last couple months have passed very quickly. He's moving around all the time now. Late afternoon/early evening are his favorite times now. He's just all over the place then.

I've started packing the hospital bag. I think I've packed more for him than anyone else. I think I've packed him at least 2 of everything in case he's bigger or smaller. There's still lots left to pack, but I have a good start.

I'm getting sore and tired a lot easier now. Sitting too long, laying too long, standing too long, it all makes me tired and a little sore. I guess that's to be expected now right. :)

Drew and I went with some friends to a hockey game last week. It was great even though the Blues lost. The 2 and half hour drive wasn't uncomfortable at all. It was pretty funny to see all the people giving me strange looks. I guess they don't see too many 8 month pregnant women in a Blues jersey.

I had a doctor's visit last week. Everything looked good except they told me I shouldn't be gaining much more weight. Actually they asked what I was going to do to about my weight. I'm at the top end of what is considered 'normal', so I expected to hear something. I guess my New Years Resolution of getting back on the treadmill and getting back to healthier eating was a good idea. I have been pretty good this week too. I've been on the treadmill a couple times. I've only had a piece of candy or two. I've also been trying to eat less and stop when I'm full. Hopefully, it'll show at my next appointment on the 16th.

I have a breast feeding class Monday that I'm looking forward to. I've got lots of questions, so I can't wait to get them answered. Next Saturday Drew and I have a Positive Parenting class. Contrary to the name it isn't a class that just tells you to love him and not hurt him. It's actually about newborn care, what's normal, what isn't, etc. I'm looking forward to that one too. I have to say I'm really not worried about too much at this point. Labor doesn't really scare me. I figure women have done it for thousands of years with less knowledge about how our bodies work than what we have now. I'm sure it'll hurt for a few or several hours, but it's really a small amount of time in the grand scheme of things. I am a little worried about those first few weeks. Things like cleaning his cord, cleaning his circumcision wound, getting the hang of breastfeeding, creating a new schedule, etc. are the things I'm stressing about a little. I'm really glad I have 6 weeks of maternity leave to get all that sorted out.

Speaking of maternity leave, I have had several people at school comment on how big I'm getting, when the baby is due, and when I'll start taking maternity leave. One of my teacher friends said she had forgotten exactly when I was due and when she saw me at the faculty meeting she was wondering if "we might have an incident" at this meeting. I guess I look like I'm ready to have a baby. :) I think I'm known as the pregnant teacher to most of the students and several of the faculty. I wonder how they'll know me after Ben is born? I guess they'll have to learn my name. ;)

I don't have anything else to share with you all, so I'll try to post again after my next appointment. Let you all know what he has to say.

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