Friday, December 19, 2008

Pictures and Doctor

New picture of me, obviously. A couple of his crib and his stocking. We're going to write his name in the red star. I'll have to post another one when we get it done.
I went to the doctor today and everything is normal. Just a tummy check and listening to his heartbeat. Two more at two week intervals and then it's every week. 8 weeks isn't much time.


  1. haha woot! tried to go back as far as i could to see honestly how long have you been doing these blogs and wow i never would have expected to seen a prego pic of you by a chirstmas tree haha. dang.. to think that ben wasnt always here o.o but hm were you around when you were prego? because i dont recall you hever being prego? but hm im going to go do some more thingies :D

  2. Yeah we were around back then, but we hadn't been around long. That was. Back when we were just rtandom people in service and before you knew how cool we were. ;)

  3. I'm sure you will treasue these pictures forever! - jordan