Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coming soon..

Tonight is my last Lamaze class. I'm really glad I've taken the class. I feel a little more prepared now.

Over the weekend Drew and I went shopping with his mom and got Ben's crib amongst other things. I'll have to post pictures of it and myself later. I don't have them on this computer.

Only 2 more days until Christmas Break. I'm really excited about that. I'm ready to relax for a while. As much as that's possible considering he's never still anymore. It seems like he's constantly moving!

Sorry so short, but I don't have much to report.


  1. I bet this feels like forever ago now when you were writing this. Time flies so take advantage of every day you have now - jordan

  2. It does feel like a long time ago!

  3. gosh, this must be really cool to look back on, seeing how long its been and how things have changed. it seems like it would be scary the first time you ever had a kid, but you were excited so wow, that seems impressive to me -kayla