Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first official blog

I have been resisting entering the world of the newest technological advances, but today I give in. I now have my own blog. I have posted blogs on myspace, but this is an actual seperate space dedicated to whatever I think worthy enough to type here. What may have caused this change in attitude you may ask. That's an easy answer. Benjamin Joseph Ward. While I can send pictures to friends and relatives that are not close by and I can send out mass emails with information about the pregnancy and later on about him growing and discovering things, this seems so much more convenient. All the information, pictures, etc. are stored in one place. So any time someone wants to reference an old story or picture, it will all be here.

Now on to the purpose of the blog. I am amazed that within the span of a week or less, I went from noticing him kick once or twice a day to noticing him kick and move around all the time. He sure is an active little guy and he really seems to like sitting on my bladder at about 2:30 every day, just when I'm getting done with teaching my classes.

Not much to say today, but I have already spent too much time playing around on here and iGoogle. Beware technology is addictive.


  1. Technology can be so addicting especially when there are new things coming out every day. Himan curiosity makes us want to find out more and more and be part of what's new. I bet this blog will flourish with more and more insight as it grows. - jordan

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