Friday, December 19, 2008

Pictures and Doctor

New picture of me, obviously. A couple of his crib and his stocking. We're going to write his name in the red star. I'll have to post another one when we get it done.
I went to the doctor today and everything is normal. Just a tummy check and listening to his heartbeat. Two more at two week intervals and then it's every week. 8 weeks isn't much time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coming soon..

Tonight is my last Lamaze class. I'm really glad I've taken the class. I feel a little more prepared now.

Over the weekend Drew and I went shopping with his mom and got Ben's crib amongst other things. I'll have to post pictures of it and myself later. I don't have them on this computer.

Only 2 more days until Christmas Break. I'm really excited about that. I'm ready to relax for a while. As much as that's possible considering he's never still anymore. It seems like he's constantly moving!

Sorry so short, but I don't have much to report.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Doctor's visit, Wedding, and kicking.

Friday's doctor's visit was uneventful. I was weighed, blood pressure taken, measured, and listened to his heartbeat. So things are going well.
Saturday, Drew and I had a wedding and I was the official videographer. I haven't watched the tape again, but it wasn't great. I couldn't get the camera back on the tripod, so it gets shaky when I try to do that. I got tired when I was standing, so I had to sit and that was shaky again. The couple said they were just happy someone had taped it. We'll see if they still feel that way when they watch it.
Ben's been kicking more. Now he usually throws combos, not just one kick at a time. Drew said he was surprised I was able to sleep last night because Ben was so active when he came to bed. (I was tired, so I went to bed at like 9:00) I didn't notice though. Now I'm hungry, so I think I'll head home and get something to eat.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lamaze, Hospital Tour, and Thanksgiving

Once again it has been awhile, so I have lots to say. We have been to Lamaze class twice now. The relaxation techniques have been great! I am learning a little bit about the whole process, but I can't say that I have really been studying it or anything. The first night we learned about prelabor and early labor mostly. Last night we talked about active labor, transition, and relaxation techniques. Drew's really good that them by the way! I just hope I can get half that relaxed when the time comes.

A couple Thursdays ago we had a hospital tour. It was great and kinda scary at the same time. I will be doing Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Post Partum in the same room. So basically once I check in, I'm in that room until I go home. Ben will get to stay in that room with us as well. They have a monitor for him in there and they can see the monitor from their main desk and their break room as well. I thought that was pretty cool. Also we will have 2 nurses, one for me and one for him. I don't think we'll be lacking anything. The nurse we met was really friendly and it sounds like almost all of the nurses there have plenty of experience. I'm really glad we are going with that hospital.

I had a doctor's appointment a couple Friday's ago and I have another one this Friday. All the doctor did was measure my belly and listen to the heartbeat. Everything was normal, so it was a quick visit.

We went back to Fairfield for Thanksgiving. It was GREAT to see everyone again. Drew and I also did the Christmas thing with my family and we handed out Christmas presents to people as well. We got lots of good stuff clothes, bibs, toys, a swing, his crib bedding, a blanket, an extra sheet, a new videocamera, and a web cam. The best things we got were a Fredbird mobile for his crib, a St. Louis Cardinals outfit, and a hockey outfit with bib. Those were my favorite anyway.

A couple more trip notes. On the way out there Ben gave me my first good kick to the ribs. It was around Jasper, IN. I guess he was tired of riding in the car or something. ;) Also Ben woke Drew up one night while we were out there kicking him. He didn't wake me up, but he did wake Drew up. I thought that was pretty funny.

Yesterday I felt his foot for the first time. It was about 5:30am and he was pretty active. I wasn't ready to get up yet though, so I just put my hand on my tummy. All of the sudden I felt a little lump on my side. I thought it might have been him, but I wasn't sure. A second or two later, he pushed harder. It was too big to be a hand or fist and too small to be his head, so it must have been his foot. It was dark in the room so I didn't get to actually see it, but I felt it. I woke Drew up to tell him. He said cool, but didn't move much. Then at Lamaze last night when the instructor was talking about the difference between contractions and the baby pressing on you, Ben decided to give me an example. on the lower right side of my belly it got really hard for a little bit. That time I'm pretty sure it was his head because the hard part was a pretty good size. It was definitely bigger than a hand or foot.

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. I expect everything will be good then. I'll see if I can't find some time this weekend to get on quickly and let you all know how that went.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I saw him move my stomach with a kick for the first time yesterday. Isn't that exciting?!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Long time, no speak

London Fog coat with the foot cover thing on it and the mittens. Left over cake from the shower. Aren't the booties cute?
Carseat with the visor up
A few outfits
BouncerDiaper Bag

For those of you who check this regularly, Dad, sorry it's been so long. Not that much interesting stuff has been going on, but I'll update you anyway.

Last Friday I had a food day in class for Day of the Dead. I was really impressed that the students brought food and didn't make a real big mess. They pretty much paid attention and had some good questions about it. I was pleased with them.

Last weekend Drew and I went shopping and found Ben a coat and some mittens. We got the coat from Once Upon a Child. It's a London Fog coat and it was only like $8. We love it! We had to find him mittens and we got those at The Children's Place in the mall.
This week in class we've been working on family trees and family words. I had to update mine, so I've bugged Mom a few times. She's known everything I asked her, except for Uncle Eldon's middle name, but I found it somewhere else. It's Lynn by the way. Next week, we're workig on the Family Scrapbook. I'm excited to see what they come up with.
This Friday I had a doctor's appointment and it all went well. I had my sugar test, so I had to wait an hour and then have my blood tested. All the tests came back okay. While I was waiting, I saw the FNP and she measured my stomach and listened to the baby's heartbeat. It was about 140, which is normal. He was moving around some when she was listening. She commented that he punched at her at one point. I guess he didn't like being listened to. :) Drew and I went to the mall for a cheap date. We walked around and ate at Chic-fil-a. It was fun and good excercise for me.
Saturday Drew and I went to CJ's, his grandpa, church for their monthly breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and grits. Good stuff!! Then I went to the baby shower my department had for me at Frau's house. It was fun to relax and chat with them all and not have to get back to class right away. They got me the carseat that I registered for, as well as the taco salad, cake, brie, and bread. I'll post pictures of the carseat and the cake.

While I was there, Drew was taking out almost everything from the front part of his car. The good news is that it's all fixable. So he has his winter project. After he got cleaned up, we went to Morganton to go bowling and get some pizza with our Sunday School class. Bowling was pretty easy being 6 months pregnant. The hardest part was the fact that the ball was about 4 pounds less than I am used to bowling with. I bowled a 74 or something. Drew bowled a great game. He got a 134 with 2 strikes and 3 spares. After bowling we went to Andy and Erin's house and got some pizza. We were supposed to bring dessert and forgot it at home, so we went to the store and got some. We got a Boston Cream Cake. It was great!!!
Today, I put the carseat together. It mostly came together. I just had to put the canopy part together and put the pad on it. I read up on how to use it and secure it in there and all that. The owner's manual was really detailed. I was impressed.
Ben has been kicking up a storm. He really gets to kicking first thing in the morning and when I'm hungry. Drew got to feel him kicking really good last weekend. He's felt him a few other times as well. The nurse Friday mentioned that I only have 14 weeks left. I can't believe it's been 26 weeks already. It'll be here before we know it.
Speaking of being hungry, I am and he's kicking, so I should go. I'll try to make it not so long next time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Photos

Thought you all might like to see how big I'm getting. Sorry the photo is so blurry.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kick, Kick, Kick

Well, last night I noticed my tummy move when Ben kicks hard now. It's so funny. I also noticed him up and moving around about 3:45am. I don't think he woke me up though. I woke up to turn over and noticed him all over the place. He has also been all over the place today. He was really active this morning and a little more subdued this afternoon. The opposite of what he has been doing before. He's just all over the place. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time Flies

So today I started talking about the baby shower that I will have back in Fairfield in April. April seems so far away, but we're already planning. I'll probably sit down tonight and start a list of people to invite. We (Drew and I) haven't even started registering yet for the baby showers we're going to have here. We need to get busy. I'm not really even sure what to register for. We have most of the big stuff that we need, so what little stuff does that leave? Clothes, diapers, some toys, and some baby care items. Can I really find enough to register for and not have an overwhelming amount of stuff that he will only be able to wear for a month or two?

I'm about 5 and half months along and at times I think I can't wait until he gets here. Then there are times that I think, I want to still be pregnant for awhile. It's a really special feeling to have him moving around inside me. I guess I just better enjoy the time that I have.

Last Friday I had a doctor's appointment. She seemed pleased that I was gaining weight. I think I gained 5 pounds in the last month. That puts me at about 15 pounds so far. That's right on track with where I should be, from what I'm told. Evidently the 15 pounds I've put on so far isn't all baby because I have had 2 people this week comment that I didn't look that far along. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. :)

I must go for now. I'm getting a little hungry. Time for my after school feeding.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first official blog

I have been resisting entering the world of the newest technological advances, but today I give in. I now have my own blog. I have posted blogs on myspace, but this is an actual seperate space dedicated to whatever I think worthy enough to type here. What may have caused this change in attitude you may ask. That's an easy answer. Benjamin Joseph Ward. While I can send pictures to friends and relatives that are not close by and I can send out mass emails with information about the pregnancy and later on about him growing and discovering things, this seems so much more convenient. All the information, pictures, etc. are stored in one place. So any time someone wants to reference an old story or picture, it will all be here.

Now on to the purpose of the blog. I am amazed that within the span of a week or less, I went from noticing him kick once or twice a day to noticing him kick and move around all the time. He sure is an active little guy and he really seems to like sitting on my bladder at about 2:30 every day, just when I'm getting done with teaching my classes.

Not much to say today, but I have already spent too much time playing around on here and iGoogle. Beware technology is addictive.